I got a fair amount done today, but neck pain is slowing me down… this chair sucks… that, and I think this room needs to have its furniture moved around so I have more breathing room. Anyways, I’d say I got about 30 seconds worth of animation done today… that seems to be my average overall.

I think I’ll be done with the segment between the Silgrarian Doctor and Aiden by Sunday. From that point on, the rest of the characters shown are either bipeds or Lugarians which are simpler to animate.

On a side note, nearly all of the voice acting is completed for this episode and i’ve narrowed down the best outtakes and have selected them. There’s just a select few difficult lines that me and the VA’s are trying to tackle together through retakes, script revisions and whatnot. I can tell you all that what I have sounds great and I’m really happy to have such talented people aboard for the vocals of Delura. Now sound effects are going to be another story… this episode is really going to challenge me and it feels like yet another mountain of work I have to overcome. If I ever rounded up enough people interested in Delura, I’d have the following team:

-Modeler (ideally, modelers/animators would be interchangeable… my modeling is weaker than my animation though)
-Sound technician/Musician
-Post-Production specialist (adjusting/tweaking stuff, 2d special effects, etc)

Looking back at my blog, I noted that i’ve said “After X part, it’ll go more smoothly” multiple times… so… I’m not going to say that anymore, heh.