Another ~20 seconds in the bag. My excuse for not reaching my average daily volume of animation (~30 secs) is that I also had to draw/setup 5 holographic images that appear during that 20 seconds. A lot of holograms only appear briefly, but I have to hand-draw every single one. One of these times I’d like to develop an easier solution for making/animating many of the holographic 2d panels you will see in Delura within my current 2d animation program: Flash 8… I just am not sure how to improve upon my method yet. Part of me wants to make a library of pre-made animations/effects that all panels will use, but its been a looooooong time since i’ve even touched the actionscript programming language that I don’t know if its worth the time to fumble with it.

One staple in the production of Delura is that we want “bang for the buck”, if we can get more out of the time we invest we want to persue whatever options will yield the greatest viewing experience with least time invested; this isn’t laziness, it’s making the time spent count. So, spending days trying to make a single fancy futuristic animated hologram like what you might see in a cellphone commercial might look pretty… but does stuff like that really compel you to remember what you saw more than a well-written story? There will always be exceptions to what I personally believe, but if a producer is going to put fancy stuff in their work, it better be absolutely critical otherwise its extra effort for hard work that people will ignore.

On a side note, I added Unforgotten Realms to my recommended viewing list; I found it exceptionally entertaining and am watching through bit by bit as I work during my breaks. Based on their trailer I didn’t think it’d be all that great… but the dialogue is clever and funny and the visuals are nice with a touch of compositing wizardry thrown in. The voice acting though is what makes the series shine. Admittedly, I think the producer(s) of this show should rework their episode intro as I don’t feel it represents the series as well as it should. Watch it, give it a chance and it won’t disappoint you; this is good stuff!