There are 7 scenes planned in episode 004;
1) -Unknown forces collide
2) -Aiden and the Silgrarian Doctor
3) -Rudo and Karnagie (brief scene)
4) -Aiden encounters his coworkers
5) -Aiden and Rudo
6) -Aiden and Charlie
7) -Aiden’s room

What’s left to do for scene 2 before I move on to scene 3:
-Silgrarian foot placement corrections
-Aiden’s Tail/ear animations (I always do those last)
-Room lighting

So, this leaves me nearing the 5 minute mark in regards to how much animation is done. I predict the episode will be around 12 minutes in length when its all said and done, but of course that can fluctuate depending on the timing of non-dialogue content and cuts. Its all downhill from scene 3 onward… I hope! All I know is that I initially didn’t intend the scope of this episode to be so large compared to the previous 3.

I may not have much to show in the next week, but if something interesting comes up I’ll post it here.