Wasn’t home today… but I may as well post something.

This blog and website needs some kind of facelift… you won’t get any argument from me there. As with everything else regarding this site, I want to update things gradually, but some of this stuff requires research and development. I’m experimenting with different wordpress plugins to help make the site a little less frankensteinish. Taben was able to set up the website easily enough, but customizing it is not as simple as we’d like it to be. Let’s just say its a work in progress and we have intention to improve on the design in the long run. For now, I’ll put in this semi-tacky looking background panel to my posts so that the stars in the background don’t get mixed up as periods and commas.

Now if I could only enclose my posts by adding top and bottom image borders it’d look pretty snazzy… eh, I’ll just have to stab at it later.