I recently started my summer semester of college, which is on a condensed schedule. Fortunately, i’m only taking two 2-hour classes, one at a time, over two 5-week periods… hardly difficult for me to handle on top of Delura.

The problem? Well, Taben is attending the same college I go to and our schedules I predict will not always mesh well together. Taben has two classes a day and I only have one… This means i’m left sitting around for nearly 3 hours waiting for him to get off classes so we can head home. After about an hour of school-related stuff, I literally have nothing to do… … … …

or do I?

After some sitting around and pondering, i’m wondering how I can effectively utilize this time to benefit Delura and I think I have a solution; Use the school’s computers to color and polish Taben’s unfinished comics. He already has them inked out, but has had trouble finding the time to actually color and post them so what this means that if my idea works, you might finally start seeing Delura comics emerging. Since the paint program I use is extremely portable and requires no installation it might just work… sure, it kinda grinds a little against the school’s computer-use policy… but i’ll bend the rules a little for my own benefit. The computer area is usually pretty empty at this time so thats a big plus.

No promises though… but Delura comics being published and posted here may be the result of this sudden extra time I have.