Another 30 seconds in the bag.

Nothing much to report and I can’t think of any relevant behind the scenes snapshots at the moment. I’ve been a bit distracted in the last few days but no matter how busy things get in my personal life I always try to find at least 1-2 hours of Delura production… though I’m the type who likes to work long hours undisturbed and without distraction. Scene 4 is moving along nicely and I expect to be done with it by either tomorrow or the day after (barring any obstacles).

As far as the comic goes, good news: paint shop pro works nicely on windows 7 so I can use it at the college computers. Its been a long… LOOOONG time since i’ve colored any inked drawings so it took a little bit of getting my bearings straight. Taben is drawing/inking the comics, I am coloring them.

For those curious about this comic, basically it is meant to give people meaningful visual content in-between releases of the animated series. These comics can be utilized to give additional background story, or branch off and cover another aspect or character of the Delura universe. So basically it gives people a reason to come back to this website and check it often. It also allows Taben to contribute more visual aspects of Delura… I think 3d is a bit too technical for Taben’s taste anyways.

If all goes well, we intend to release the comic by the arc rather than immediately when they are finished, in which we would then schedule the comics to release on a weekly or bi-weekly basis until the entire arc is covered. This ensures that people aren’t left hanging and the updates are more reliable. Ideally, we can set it up so that we’re working on the next arc while the current one is rolling out. I can’t really give an ETA on when the comic could possibly emerge, but I’ll give updates on that as they come. In the meantime, I’ll be coloring the comic with my downtime at college.