Finally. Everyone, you can thank Taben for making this webpage possible. One of the major things we wanted in a website was to make it so that we could contribute quickly and easily to content without worrying about conflicting updates. WordPress seems perfect for our needs so far. Content is a little lacking, but we will work on it bit by bit until the site feels a little less empty. I personally have a lot of ideas and look forward to implementing them in the future.

In the meantime, I will be using the blog to post any work in progress or teaser pics… where I place all my teaser stuff might change or get shifted around so we’ll see what happens.

Yesterday, I worked on Karnagie’s office which will be used in a scene or two in Delura. Architecture is definitely a weak point for me and I hope over time I will improve and develop/research better techniques for making rooms. The blue lizard guy is the placeholder reference I use for everything to help size the room correctly.

The following is on my todo list in regards to this room:

-Detailed holographic screens which will cover both sides of the room. These will display various details like who is entering/exiting the place, employee roster, etc.
-Floor insignia needs to be added.
-Texture/geometry adjustments or fixes, particularly where the desk meets the floor, maybe an overlaid procedural for the tiled walls.
-A hoverchair would be nice.

My production focus kind of limits the amount of detail I can place in a room especially with my experience level, but I do feel the final product will serve its purpose well enough to be usable. We’ll see in time how my future rooms will look. Admittedly, I kinda cheated with the shelf by using stuff from my earlier projects to fill it.