Through a very generous donation, we were given a used air conditioner to help make our workspace way more manageable. I’ve been easing myself back into production in the last few days and the difference a comfortable environment makes is very obvious. The donor’s names will appear in the ending credits of Delura and I am extremely grateful to be producing again.

However, we may be asked to remove the air conditioning unit by our apartment maintenance as they came over and explained “its blocking a fire exit, we can’t allow that”… (yeah, great fire exit jumping from a 2 story building eh?) but I’m hoping they will let it slide for at least the next week or two, perhaps I can come to a compromise and convince them that a 90+ degree interior is dangerous and if our air conditioner can’t be used, then some other accommodation needs to be made. Its frustrating, but we’ll get through it. For now, I’m milking this cold air for all its worth.