I’ve been fighting with music production the last day or two… sometimes I can spend hours and hours on FL Studio and walk away with nothing to show for it but half a dozen incomplete or unusable compilations. Here’s what I have been able to get done… just small compilations for specific moments in EP 004:

The Plain Everyday Future

Sphere of Dread


They aren’t perfect but I think they could enhance our visuals by their inclusion, it all depends on how it sounds when paired with the finished rendered video. I can’t figure out how to get the small clicks/pops/excess noise out of “The Plain Everyday Future”, but I figure it’ll be playing quietly in the background so it’ll be less noticeable. My music will, without a doubt, be something I’ll need to remaster later on.

EDIT: Also took care of the final voiceclips to put together. Some of the clips need revision, rewording or both, but I’ll work around them until I can get new and polished versions. Overall, there is only 2.5 minutes worth of animation to do now until its 100% complete.

EDIT2: Added A lonely iceland.