I’ve had a lot of stupid errors and corrections that i’ve had to jump over… some of them are totally my fault due to carelessness (IE: Forgetting to put thought articulators on an alien talking to Aiden). Others are just hard to catch… for instance, I would disable background objects and decor so that my preview renders would go faster and then forget to turn them back on when making the final product (it shows in the preview, but not the render), resulting in ~8-12 hours of lost computational time. The average frame seems to fall between 2 to 6 minutes of computation each… with certain blocks of frames requiring 8-20 minutes.

I’ve also had some difficulty with finding a proper video format to put this thing together with. After scouring the internet, it seems that DivX 6.8.5 set to max quality will take the cake. I would have preferred an uncompressed or lossless solution, but the resulting files would have literally been larger than my computer’s hard drive capacity (230 gigs). All of my previous Delura episodes use Indeo 5.1 compression… not a bad codec but it is a bit of a lossy format and my videos have to go through a “lossy” compile process twice at minimum: Once to put the video together, then again to compile the final finished product.

Anyways, I’m still going through the final scenes, making final tweaks, corrections and whatnot and concurrently putting together the video I have so far and figuring out how to do all the sound effects/music while limited to 2 layers of audio… that’s another problem I expect to come across, as I have with previous episodes. Yes audacity has all the audio layers I’d ever need, but I can’t see my video while I’m doing that which means some trial/error and many… many… MANY meshed uncompressed .wav files. Sound production is the weakest and most inefficient part of my production pipeline… I’d like to see that change in the future, but that change comes with a price.

Anyways, enough technobabble and gibberish. Back to work!