Tor, the Silgrarian home planet, is a desolate wasteland of ice. The surface is beaten by 400+ mph winds and temperatures that can, at times, near absolute zero; the point at which molecules cease all movement. Plant-life does exist on Tor, but only in the form of heavily layered crystals which have evolved to resist the planet’s harsh atmosphere. All civilization on this planet with the exception of Silgrarian establishments prefer to house buildings underground… reserving any surface structures for functions such as entry points or cargo transfer. Tor is a large planetary body, with gravity powerful enough to render most Morphs immobile within minutes, necessitating the use of force inhibitors for any location that one would expect to survive within.

Among one of the major establishments consists of the Tanadrine Interplanetary Mining Company (TIMCO) facility. Through contracting and acquisition of land, the people of Tanadrine harvest the energy contained within charged crystals for use in various applications throughout the galaxy. The structure also serves other functions including ship repair and trade of goods. Repair service is especially profitable, considering many who enter the planet’s surface will find their ships damaged to some degree.

To put it simply, Tor is a far from ideal location for any intergalactic entrepreneur or traveler that cannot afford the often expensive heavy shielding required to get anywhere near the surface.

-All 3d elements, 2d animation/art, custom sounds and textures, story and music by Ryan Roye
-Concept artwork, character design, story and directing by Taben Roye

-Ryan as Silgrarian doctor
-Taben as Aiden

-Additional royalty free textures procured at