Origin Planet:
Mavavexlavine (may-va-vex-la-vine)

Average Lifespan:
224 years

Bodily intake required to function:
Energy siphon (both organic and non), movement*, H₂O
*See commentary for explanation

Base Min/Max Temp. Tolerance:
50F to 130F

Gravity tolerance:

Physical Force Capability (what is considered heavy weight-wise): ~10 lbs

Mental Properties:
Telekinetic ~3 ft, telepathic ~10 ft.


Lugarians are best known for their unique abilities of defying gravity, much to the curiosity of not only Lugarians themselves but also observant races as well. Very little is known about how this property is achieved in a living being, but emerging technology suggests that it is due to their connection with ethereal space and their genetic relationship to the highly-ethereal beings known as Brakkians, hailing from the same home planet. This ability makes Lugarians among the fastest known sentient creatures in the galaxy, able fly upwards of 40 mph.

Much like Brakkians, Lugarians “nourish” themselves through either a living organism, or more commonly through established pre-made energy supplements (often “energy discs”) generated from various sources. They also require small amounts of water which is primarily to keep their skin flexible and healthy. It is believed that in their ancient history, Lugarians were strictly aquatic creatures and possessed mouths and a digestive system. Through changes of their evolution, they eventually became able to extract energy through telekinesis thus nullifying the need for other means of energy intake and eliminating unnecessary organic mutations, though they are still very well-formed for underwater environments. Movement for a Lugarian appears to be akin to breathing to other races, in which prolonged restraint (~30 minutes) from doing so will weaken and eventually cease function of any given Lugarian. For this reason, Lugarian architecture is often open-spaced and multi-leveled. It should be noted that Lugarians are incapable of experiencing the sensations of taste and smell other than that of the energy they would ingest. Lugarians have short sleep cycles and added comfort during periods of rest are commonly achieved through rotating cylindrical bed chambers. Maximum alertness in a Lugarian demands 1 hour of dormancy for every 2 hours of activity. Since Lugarians can rest so rapidly in comparison to other races, they are often desired in career positions that require immediate response at any time of a given qdate.

Possessing 4 eyes, Lugarians have varying levels of clarity in their vision. Larger eyes further from the nose allow the Lugarian nearly 360 degrees of vision with poor to moderate clarity. The frontal eyes nearest to the nose allow for around a 30 degree field of vision with an equivalent magnification at a rate of x27 in high clarity. The eyes of a Lugarian work together, performing the tasks of detection (rear eyes) and focus (frontal eyes).

Physically, Lugarians are inferior to all other recorded sentient beings, relying primarily on their telekinetic abilities to manipulate objects in an articulate matter. This means that while their fins are poorly developed for grasping and manipulating objects, telekinesis enables them to do so with relative ease. Lugarians are also among the largest consumers of services that would otherwise require greater physical ability and are the leading developers of freight and lifter-class technology in efforts to circumvent this weakness.

Female and Male Lugarians vary widely in shape, size and color, but generally follow a set pattern in their appearance. Females tend to have a simpler facial structure and are larger and physically superior to their male counterparts. Males, inversely, tend to have more crests, facial formations and are more likely to grow additional fins on their back and sides. Hues and patterns of a Lugarian, regardless of sex covers the entire visible color spectrum, though the rarest colors are statistically black and white. The size of any Lugarian is dependent on their age and unlike other races, growth does not stop until death.

The average Lugarian is a socially active being, preferring the company of others over solidarity and embracing traits such as willingness to change and open-mindedness. Being innately telepathic, Lugarians seldom have difficulty sensing what others are feeling and thinking and are often employed as counselors for this reason alone. Physical touch is often employed to strengthen the Lugarian’s telepathic senses, though this act can make other races not familiar with this tendency feel unsettled or even physically violated. When conversing with one another, two or more Lugarians nearly always have some form of physical contact before speaking, be it through touching of the fins, intertwining of tails or brushing up against one another.