FOREWORD: Karnagie was originally cast by 2 other people, both of whom had to cancel their offer due to their busy schedules. Because of this, I cannot be lenient for the first segment in regards to deadlines because of how close I am to Karnagie’s part (animation wise) in production. If you are cast, I expect a 3-4 day turnaround for the first few chunks of dialogue. Having the voice acting ready BEFORE starting animation is vital in my workflow.

This is Karnagie. He is the head productions manager of the Tor Mining Facility. He is a stern, aging feline whom is often disliked by his subordinates due to his rigid “by the book” demeanor and lack of emotional involvement in the concerns of others (in the workplace). His voice should of course resemble the look of the character… I imagine him having a commanding tone in his speech and he would likely sound like someone in their 40’s-mid 50’s. I may tweak the model and add a few grey speckles along the sides of his face to show his age, he looks a little younger than I intended him to.

I estimate that this character has approximately 3-5 minutes worth of speech, so don’t expect voicing him to be a quick volunteer job. There is a possibility that he could be a recurring character, depending on whether the voice actor is willing to continue voicing him over.

For this character, I have this snippet of script for people to send for their audition.

NOTE: This snippet of script is Karnagie addressing employees over an intercom system about a recent tragedy which had killed many Tor Facility mining workers. He is not remorseful in his tone of voice, insisting on maintaining his image as a leader.

If you feel you can reword any part of my script to make the lines more comfortable and natural to speak, please feel free to deviate from what is typed out. This goes for ANY part that I make available for character auditions!


*The speakers sound with a chime, and everyone in the large room looks up, pausing whatever work they were doing. As Karnagie speaks, cut the camera between various points in all of the rooms, emphasizing on showing the various tasks of the Tor employees.*

*A male voice sounds, speaking in a firm, authoritative business-like manner:*


Attention employees… As most of you are aware of now, the largest disaster in the history of the Tanadrine (pronounced Tan-a-drine… the “drine” rhymes with “brine”) Interplanetary Mining Company has devastated us all. We have lost the lives of over two-hundred people across all of our underground locations and many others are critically injured.

This has left us with many questions and few answers. What I can say… is that there was undetected seismic activity which caused collapse of many of the major tunnels we work in. We are investigating why our advanced sensory equipment failed to warn us despite its 100% operating capacity.

Karnagie pauses a moment before speaking again

I do not want rumors… I want facts. If ANYONE has ANY information regarding the events of Qdate 40425 (pronounced “que-date Four-oh-four-twenty-five), they are STRONGLY encouraged to come forward… the safety of you, your coworkers and this facility could depend on that information.


This voiceover was performed by the most recent actor regarding the above script, whom unfortunately could not continue to complete Karnagie’s dialogue. I was really happy with the result and it was almost exactly what I was looking for. The person’s original voice was actually higher, but I added a post effect to make it deeper which worked quite well.

Send auditions to and attach your sound file. PLEASE feel free to do multiple outtakes especially if you can do multiple types of voices.