Auditions for this character are closed, Character is casted.

Rayvazevexine (ray-va-zev-ex-sine) currently needs a voice actor. Informally she’s just referred to as “Ray-va”.

Ravazevexine, a Lugarian, is the owner, leader, and host of an independent, neutral-space media station who’s sole purpose is to illegally aggregate restricted information from wealthy people, corporations, government bodies etc. and disperses it to the general public (or accept blackmail payment as “hush money”). With her elite group of nigh-undetectable Lugarian spies, hackers and thugs she commands a level of respect and fear that few people are capable of. Rayva, at least to others, is believed to be incapable of empathy and will liberally kill “sleepytime” her employees without a second thought or the slightest of concern. She is the kind of person who makes jokes about things like someone’s recent death or extreme pain and suffering. Her personality is often blunt and direct; she speaks her mind. Finally, she considers all males inferior creatures and believes strongly they are only suitable to exist as servants or slaves. (NOTE: The average lugarian female thinks very lowly of males, regardless of race, but Rayva would be considered to be in the extreme spectrum of that view).


-This is a recurring role, but not a demanding one. Ideally, Rayva will appear briefly in most episodes. The length of the script provided is the length I expect the majority of her parts to be.

-I’m lenient about deadlines, scripts are usually given out months before the installment is completed. I will need a fairly quick turnaround for the lines below however as I have had difficulties filling this role.

-In some cases, a re-take may be needed based on script changes. I do my best to avoid doing this, but as an independent developer there are times where I underestimate the production requirements and have to dial back what is in place to make the scene possible in a reasonable amount of time.

-Generally, I require USB or better recording quality

-Being a fan of fantasy sci-fi is a big plus!

-If you were referenced to this page by personal contact, simply let me know if you are interested in the role and we can work from there.
-Send me some kind of sample of your work, be it demo reel, an audio clip, sample from the provided script, etc. My email is

Please feel free to reword or rephrase a script to suit your vocals. I say this because not everyone has the same vocal flow of speaking. Example: I tend to have trouble saying words with “R” and “W” in them fluently, so if a script said “that’s one wild ruby”, I might change it to “that’s a cool gem” to help me deliver the line more believably. Do what feels right.


What is in bold is Rayva’s spoken dialogue.


TO IT, her fin pressed firmly on a bright red button
Labeled “KILL”, but kill is crossed out to say “sleepy time”
(death screen from the end of EP 005.01, which is published)

You will be remembered briefly… um…
what was his name?

*turns to the other Lugarians off camera*

CUT: Lugarains shrug

CUT: Back to Rayva

Anyways! The clip shown was the result of not
receiving my monthly blackmail payment from the Tanadrine
Grid government.
Now… Because I’m VERY certain this was a
misunderstanding and not the result
of extreme stupidity and ignorance… let me
simplify my message:

*Try to make these 3 lines
sound as if you were trying
to speak to someone who
doesn’t speak your language, or
to someone who is too stupid
to comprehend what you’re saying*

What you don’t want seen or heard…
Is what I talk about…
If you don’t pay…

*She looks to the other lugarians*

Can we get that in text on the

*Screen text appears in ridiculously
Big, bolded letters*

Cycle through a few
morph languages… ok now make it flash…

*text flashes*

Hmm…I hear un-evolved creatures tend
to respond better to bright colors…

try yellow… eh… maybe red…
just put both in there… no no wait
that might confuse them.

*rayva observes a nearby preview
Monitor a moment as changes are

actually… nevermind I’m sure
most of them can’t read.



Please send recorded lines to