We have a Tanadrine Studios YouTube channel where all of our other videos can be found in categorized lists.

The videos on this page are ordered from new to old…

Meet Mr. Splats! A lovable space-faring creature who doesn’t mind being bothered at all!

Dijard tries to showcase his brand new “number one” store.

Our March 2013 Kickstarter video #2 featuring the character “Vox”

Our March 2013 Kickstarter video #1 featuring the character “Speck”

The two videos below were “out-of-character” promotional skits for Delura that we did mainly for the fun of it.

ahh, where Delura all began. Test Flight was my proof of concept to test whether doing a production like Delura was actually possible for a single person of my humble skill level to do.

Below are some (but not all) of the animated projects i’ve done for the MMORPG Asheron’s Call… they are quite dated and I knew so little about 3d production back then, but were it not for these projects I would never have obtained the skills necessary to make Delura happen. Looking back, I see fan projects as a very good way to learn new skills! The Derethian Newscast one actually won me a lifetime free subscription to the game… I don’t play as much as I used to, but still jump on from time to time.

and finally… the first animation I ever made with Lightwave, and consequently the first YouTube video we ever uploaded! I feel we’ve come a long way since this error-prone, horrible animated mess of a short! At least the humor and writing was decent, eh?