Well, first check out this video for a sample of our work in trailer-form

  • Delura is an independently produced fantasy sci-fi series created by Ryan and Taben Roye. Minus concept/writing, it all began on January 19, 2010
  • Main website features include our daily production blog (front page), weekly comics (when running), and of course our animated content (see top menubar for episodes/shorts). Keep in mind there’s a big difference in visual/audio quality between the earlier vs. more current content as we’ve evolved over time.
  • Delura is primarily a mature drama/space opera. Maybe a few laughs here and there, some fight scenes, but first and foremost is that it is intended to be a deep and compelling story-driven series.
  • Delura is the name of the galaxy in which the series takes place in, and as such, the series intends to follow a diverse number of characters and settings. The synopsis will be ever-changing depending on the story arcs that run in both the comic and the video content.

Synopsis for first video story arc: Aiden, a TIMCO Tor (Tanadrine Interplanetary Mining Company, Tor Division) mineship operator finds himself in a strange medical ward after experiencing the only damaged memories he can recall in his entire lifetime. From here, Aiden reluctantly begins his new life knowing nothing of who he was, who he is, or who he will be.

The first video installment of Delura was published on January 19th, 2010. After repeated suggestions by our audience, we decided to create a website for Delura in March of 2011. There’s a lot of other stuff I could put here, but for now I think I’ll leave it at that. If you want an idea of how many people work on this series, feel free to visit the credits page

You can find all of our content by navigating the top menubar. Thanks for stopping by!