TIMCO employs various teams of people who perform very specific functions within the facility.

Green = Engineer
White = Medical Specialist
Blue = Mineship Operator/Underground Utility
Black = Security Personnel
Yellow = Traffic Control Officer
Purple = Data management

But… the facility isn’t just for workers; many non-employees, often in the form of travelers, dwell within as well. One popular establishment beneath the TIMCO surface building is the wanderer’s waypoint; a popular automated lounge/tavern in which people can quickly and easily order nourishment compounds of their choices regardless of race as well as other interests such as EIP’s (entertainment image projections), gaming and even review full-detail GMVT (galactic marketplace value tracker) reports. The place may be “automated” but advanced applications of artificial intelligence allow for projected waiters to interact and inquire about what the client wants in real time at any table in a charismatic, friendly matter which can even be customized for future visits. Note that some of the more prestigious waypoint locations feature live waiters/servers/barkeeps, so those wanting top level service will likely look for the “diamond” marking, which indicates a non-automatic waypoint establishment. Near any waypoint (sometimes nicknamed “dubbie-two”) is typically a hotel-style setup, in which weary or refueling travelers can have a home away from home with all the most modern accommodations, such as multi-gravity rooms, cylindrical rest chambers for Lugarians, and high-precision temperature controls to accommodate anyone anytime.

The Wanderer’s Waypoint historically was the first fully automated restaurant to ever become successful in the mainstream, and its not a coincidence that the owner of the franchise sought to place their establishment of quality service in TIMCO’s facility as the safe haven of choice for the entire planet of Tor.

-All 3d elements, 2d animation/art, custom sounds and textures, story and music by Ryan Roye
-Concept artwork, character design, story and directing by Taben Roye

-Ryan Roye as Computer voice, Karnagie and Zelminyuminine
-Guest starring Edwyn Tiong as Lucius

-Additional royalty free textures procured at www.cgtextures.com

-Additional royalty free sounds procured at www.freesound.org
The following sound effects were utilized in some way shape or form (some of which were modified for this production):