CROSS REFERENCES: Vox, Charlie, Rudo

Aiden, at least from what he has been told, is a Tor-division TIMCO mineship operator who remembers nothing before the events of qdate 40425, when a massive earthquake tore apart a large portion of TIMCO’s underground structures including the area which he was working at the time. Aiden, the only survivor in sector 15, was brought into Vox’s medical ward with severe injuries which required a near-complete re-structuring of his nervous and skeletal system. Despite suffering from weakness, paralysis in his lower body, abnormally frequent brain hemorrhages and nauseating, strange hallucinations, Vox insists that he has not experienced any significant structural brain damage and thus cannot possibly be suffering from amnesia. The ignorant Silgrarian doctor determines that his symptoms are strictly “self-inflicted” and sends Aiden on his way. Confused and disoriented from having to live a life he has never known, Aiden finds to his dismay that his former self was considered a rude, reckless and distasteful individual who seemed to gravitate towards sex, gambling, evading the law and Hedonism in general.

Rudo and Charlie appear to be the only “friends” he has, as they reluctantly tell him about the death of his supposed love, Geom. Aiden finds it odd that Charlie is so grief-stricken about Geom’s death, and wonders if he should feel guilty for not being affected at all by the “loss” of this completely unknown stranger who loved a person that only brings up thoughts of regret and hatred.

After a very long session with Charlie trying to re-learn the concept of LI.BA.sie and telepathic technology, Aiden returns to his room only to discover a strange paper note that appears from nowhere…

Aiden’s condition is unknown as of Delura EP 004.