VOICE ACTOR: Edward Boscoe

CROSS REFERENCES: Aiden, Charlie, Karnagie

Rudo grew up in an environment which dictated that the only way to survive was to devour the lives of others, be it through bloodshed, theft, or otherwise. Targa Sector E. is arguably the most dangerous of all residential space stations; home to one of the largest black markets in the galaxy. Born into a ruthless mercenary organization known as “Mantra”, his mother ushered a 12-yr old Rudo to a remote location and dropped him off knowing that she would soon be found and murdered for her actions. Rudo’s mother always felt the guilt of her way of life and this feeling was thus passed down to Rudo. With a cold and bitter heart, Rudo survived to adulthood through the determination to not allow his mother’s sacrifice go in vain.

Rudo discovered later in life that bionic upgrades were essentially investments that could free individuals from the strangling reality that people require money to simply stay alive; many life threatening situations were not only caused by others, but also environmental systems failures throughout the entire Targa space platform such as oxygen shutoff and lapses in radiation shielding. Rudo’s ultimate goal, however, was to leave the Targa sector forever and become someone not controlled by circumstance and poverty.

Having become a successful self-employed mercenary and having many fall by his hand, Rudo would cross paths a bionic surgeon known only as “Reviser of Divinity” (or “Reviser” for short). With what he had managed to save, Rudo trusted this person to replace his eyes for unparalleled vision, enhance his mind’s real-time processing capabilities for greatly improved reflexes, and replace the skeletal structures in his hands and legs for added strength and mobility. The changes were incredible, but Rudo would always have the shadow of regret knowing that he could never go back to who he was after being changed in this manner. Reviser had warned beforehand that the operation was irreversible and that the systems he used were highly propietary. In other words, only Reviser would be able to modify or repair Rudo’s bionic systems should they fail.

Having left the Targa sector, Rudo came to the realization that life in interstellar space and its many habitations were not much easier. He always seemed to need to go back to his old malicious ways in order to sustain himself; his body required far more energy that it had before the operation, and it had turned out to be a costly decision; without external, highly expensive energy sources he found himself going blind or suffering other ailments related to the electronics installed into him. Thoughts of just letting himself die had crossed his mind many times. How many more people would he have to hurt before his natural life faded away?

Rudo regretfully continued to expand his operations, but was desperate to find a way to direct his wrath towards those who deserved it at the very least. If Rudo were to take on manipulative corporate entities and black market leaders, this required a skilled programmer. Knowing his chances of survival were small and willing to throw his life into danger to give a sense of purpose and meaning in his life, Rudo purchased his own spaceship and would eventually get a response to his job offer from a shady Ixarian that called himself “Charlie”. A secret code embedded at the end of his message let Rudo know that Charlie was a black market individual; someone who was open to a life consistent of exploiting others, whomever it may be.

Rudo and Charlie worked well together; each of their talents and abilities providing a synergetic quality that allowed them to overcome many of their targets including small businesses, freighters, and sofourth. Often, Charlie would gather intelligence and sell it to the highest bidder for additional income. Over time, Rudo admits to Charlie that he wished that he could have lived a more normal life, as by now they were fugitives and there were very few people who did not want them dead. Charlie empathized to Rudo’s surprise, and suggests that they travel to Tor to replace the energy modulator installed into his spinal cord. With a more powerful and efficient energy source, it could help Rudo to live a better life granted he could find a surgeon that could help him. Rudo had his doubts knowing what Reviser had told him years ago. Rudo and Charlie set course for planet Tor; their target was the TIMCO facility.

(p1) On Planet Tor they would not get far. Charlie and Rudo were quickly stopped in their tracks by Karnagie and those at his command. They were given a choice: to die where they stood, or to work for the remainder of their lives within the TIMCO facility. This baffled Rudo… as he knew absolutely that Karnagie’s superiors would have ordered them killed on sight. Quickly stifling Charlie’s natural instinct to react to life threatening situations with sarcasm, they agree to work for TIMCO.

Years pass, and Rudo finally feels a sense of belonging as head of security. Using his extensive knowledge of the black market and how mercenaries/thugs tend to operate, Rudo provided TIMCO Tor’s security force a significant advantage that eliminated most, if not all of the previously undetectable problems of smuggling, theft, and other malicious activities. Those who had found his quick advancement questionable eventually lost their suspicions towards Rudo, for TIMCO Tor was considered safer than it had ever been in its 200 year operating history. Karnagie had eventually ordered Vox to repair Rudo’s now-failing bionic implants and replace the energy capsule in his spine. This was done in secret, though Rudo has concerns of whether Vox will keep silent about his alterations, as having bionic enhancements was considered synonymous to evil in most aspects of society. Rudo was notified by Vox that his bionic enhancements were actually designed to fail gradually and contained poisons that would disperse if they were tampered with by anyone other the original operator. Rudo was both relieved and deeply disturbed by what could have been, and wondered how many others had fallen into the same trap he had. After having Vox explain in complex terms how “trivial” removing the poisons and fail-mechanisms were, Rudo gained an appreciation for the creature’s intelligence.

A normal life is what Rudo had always wanted. As work became a daily routine, he was well liked by his peers and was finally given the chance to live with dignity and not through the pain of others. Some of Rudo’s relationships confused him though. Aiden and Geom, for instance, were definitely troublemakers, yet his job would be much more dull without their presence and even enjoyed their company and humor with their many encounters at the Wanderer’s Waypoint Tavern. A lot of what they did were in the form of pranks and things that were generally just annoying or irresponsible (like re-programming an industrial repair-bot to dispense coffee… “not a bad idea actually! But I still gotta jail and fine you.”). He secretly wondered why Karnagie had not fired them a long time ago as they too were TIMCO employees. Rudo and Charlie seemed to become somewhat distant as time went on, but Rudo had taken comfort in knowing that Charlie appeared to have the same sense of belonging that he did, especially when Charlie would talk about Geom.

After the events of qdate 40425 had occurred, Rudo was troubled by the loss of amiable coworkers and having to see the pain he saw in others and their losses. Those closest to him had survived but it made things no less emotionally difficult. Seeing Charlie grieving over Geom’s death left him feeling powerless and Aiden’s mental condition certainly made him an entirely different person. Though he desired to help his friends through their losses, Karnagie reminds him that his job comes first and gives Rudo special orders on a strange piece of “paper” (something he had never seen before). Rudo thinks Karnagie’s orders are very odd and impractical but decides to hold his tongue… for now. The disappearance of a highly recognized individual threatened to strike fear in the minds of people who live within TIMCO Tor; this and other disturbances related to the disaster had to be dealt with. Criminals are drawn to accidents like TIMCO’s undetected earthquake; it was only a matter of time before the vulnerability dischord brings would be taken advantage of.