Like most “highly-successful” Silgrarians, Vox has lived a very plain, boring and uneventful life. One day, Silgrarian peers selected Vox to serve as a medical technician and Silgrarian representative within the then newly constructed TIMCO complex not long after a supplementary planetary defense agreement between the Tanadrine Grid and civilians of Planet Tor. After this terrifyingly uncomfortable experience of having to deal with new people and a new environment, ~100 years of doing the same job in the same place with the same schedule and same routine has helped to ease the transition somewhat.

Unfortunately, over the past several recent years an unkind, irresponsible individual named “Aiden” somehow obtained employment at TIMCO and wasted no time in being a complete jerk to Vox. Aiden seemed to take sheer enjoyment out of forcing Vox to deviate from his obviously superior way of functioning by doing mean things like placing objects several centimeters from where they were supposed to be (IN RANDOM DIRECTIONS!), manipulation of medical program interfaces to have the text 1 millimeter larger than the default, changing the color of Vox’s LI.BA.sie panels to gray instead of blue-gray, and other unforgivable acts of unspeakable cruelty. Vox has complained to Karnagie (TIMCO Tor’s head manager) countless times but the only response is the neglect of a serious problem that has inflected constant, unrelenting anxiety upon Vox. In fact, Karnagie seems to be more angry at Vox than Aiden at the mention of these life-impairing atrocities; it just does not make any sense. It is silly to expect Morphs to understand.

On qdate 40425, Vox received patient overflow from the underground sectors; all patients were deemed deceased upon arrival mainly due to a combination of crushing injury and extreme exposure to Torian radiation. Aiden was oddly the only survivor brought in despite the incredibly high amount of toxins present in his body, and thus Vox performed extensive reconstructive surgery. Though he hated this person by now and could have easily classified him as dead out of convenience, Vox strangely felt some kind of connection to this individual… perhaps all that torment has become part of a routine that brought him a subliminal sense of comfort?

Vox noted that Aiden’s mental and physical condition seemed very strange on qdate 40426 when Aiden first regained consciousness; an active-state assessment was performed. The hemorrhages repaired earlier had re-appeared, and Aiden could not seem to remember his life prior to 40425. Aiden’s statements compared to an empathic mind-read confirmed that he was indeed being honest, but the actual condition of his brain suggested he should not be experiencing this. Mental disorders or other ailments that involve a person’s mind emotionally have never translated well to Silgrarians, so upon re-examination on qdate 40429 it was deemed that Aiden’s problems were psychological in nature, and psychology is the last thing a Silgrarian ever wants to deal with.