Origin Planet:

Average Lifespan:
540 years

Bodily intake required to function:
Purified energy

Base Min/Max Temp. Tolerance:
-750F to 60F (up to 80F if additional energy expended)

Gravity tolerance:

Physical Force Capability (what is considered heavy weight-wise):
205 lbs (arms), 400 lbs (legs)

Mental Properties:
Telepathic ~100ft

Physical Properties:
Exo-vision*, Microscopic visual acuteness, Regenerative
*See commentary for explanation


Silgrarians are perhaps the most poorly understood sentient creatures in the galaxy. To the average observer, they are often dismissed as quadraped robots or mechanized devices due to their appearance combined with their stereotypic personality and rarity. Speaking from a strictly statistical perspective, Silgrarians are undisputed mentally and physically superior to every known creature in the universe in the eyes of scientists and Xenobiologists from every other observant race.

The first feature that comes to mind of most people when looking at a Silgrarian is their very large singular eye. It is difficult to describe how a Silgrarian’s vision operates, but a comparative (but less accurate) description would be that they have 180 degrees of normal vision, and an additional 360 degrees of Exo-vision. Exo-vision is the term used to describe a Silgrarian’s ability to see through most objects with a high degree of control. The Silgrarian can not only see objects very clearly from afar, but can also focus to a microscopic level. Simply put, no other creature can even come close to the versatility and clarity of a Silgrarian’s vision. Their visual ability is among the primary reasons as to why the majority of Silgrarians are employed as medical personnel; less equipment cost, less contingency and more accuracy.

Silgrarians are physically powerful, versatile and durable. Most Silgrarians have thick outer shells or skin which serve the functions of temperature control, protection and listening. Like Ixarians, Silgrarians are able to hear through their outer membranes and/or shell but at a far more precise and acute level. This “outer” portion of the Silgrarian can often bear the resemblance of observer races, with some whom are even covered in fur.

The arms and legs of Silgrarians are highly evolved; all Silgrarians have 4-6 legs and 2-4 arms. Also like Ixarians, they are able to affix themselves nearly any surface and climb with ease. Silgrarians can move objects weighing as much as several tons (if the surface does not cave from force) by using their arms and forelegs, anchoring themselves with their rear legs. In addition, their hands are capable of minor shifting to be able to slice through even hard surfaces with ease and a high degree of accuracy; this further strengthens the desire of others to employ Silgrarians as medical professionals. Even with absolutely no equipment, a Silgrarian can perform surgery and diagnose ailments of other creatures.

The personality of the average Silgrarian is often described by observant races as being structured, extremely disciplined, rigid, stubborn and unchanging. To explain further, one has to understand their singular religious belief; the idea that the entire universe revolves around symmetry.

Symmetry is a very important aspect to describing Silgrarian culture as there is currently no record of a Silgrarian ever deviating from it. Even a Silgrarian emerging into life alone and without social influence will undoubtedly follow these beliefs as if born with this knowledge. Symmetry signifies home, balance, peace of mind, strength, respect and a deeper connection with the creator of the universe which is also the center of the universe. There is no pronounceable name for this entity, but all Silgrarians believe that it is vital to their existence to assist in restoring balance to their environment. Enter a Silgrarain domain, and the effect of their beliefs are unmistakable; everything on one side of the room or area will also be on the other. Change one side of the room, and the other must also be changed. Entire Silgrarian cities on the planet of Tor are structured around the idea of symmetry and show very little styling or variation regardless of a given building’s function. This trait has been known to frustrate those who feel that this is a handicap to greater efficiency, but no amount of disapproval or argument has deterred this behavior in the slightest.

Silgrarians possess a number of traits which others may consider “mental disorders”… There is much debate even to this day as to what actually constitutes a “mental disorder”, so in the interest of maintaining neutrality this document will not categorize Silgrarians as possessing any disorders.

Known for the stereotype of “obsessive” tendencies, Silgrarians often are reluctant to undergo even minor changes to their environment. Extremely high focus on a single subject is not uncommon to observe. A structured schedule of activities and tasks is among the most important and basic requirements for a Silgrarian’s psychological comfort. Deviation from this “norm” is inevitable over time of course, but too much of it can stress a Silgrarian greatly. This is so important, in fact, that many contracts between a Silgrarian and an organization or company consists of payment in the form of a “sameness insurance”, which promises accommodation of a Silgrarian’s psychological needs and fines heavily for the inability to adhere to the agreement in question. This type of contract allows some organizations to save a significant amount of money by employing Silgrarians, but the cost of a breached contract will often result in a company being dissolved and liquidated. Silgrarians statistically have trouble adapting to new situations (especially social), which is also a consideration to weigh against all of their superior qualities.

In conversation, Silgrarians desire minimal dialogue that does not pertain to what their objective may be. To elaborate, one may be able to converse for hours about the properties of physics to a Silgrarian physicist, but will likely fall on “deaf ears” when trying to deviate from this subject. Social situations will often bring a Silgrarian mental discomfort. Any regular dialogue to another person, even Silgrarian, is rare but typically lifelong. If a person becomes part of a Silgrarian’s “routine”, the Silgrarian will place high importance in that individual’s well-being, taking great interest in that person’s interests.

Because of the average Silgrarian’s complacent personality, there have historically been those who have tried to control, manipulate them and take their resources by force. Silgrarians have no defense military and their technology is geared towards efficiency rather than effectiveness, making them easy targets for predators. In the past, Silgrarians have remained dormant concerning intergalactic politics, preferring to be left alone and maintain neutrality and independence. The problem of the absence of military defense however became so great so that the government of the Morph planet of Tanadrine decided that intervention was needed to protect Silgrarians and their only home world. Eventually, top Silgrarian officials offered land and energy resources to Tanadrine in exchange for supplemented planetary defense which spawned the Tor division of TIMCO.

Silgrarians are considered an endangered species despite their long lifespan. This is due to the fact that they do not possess reproductive organs and considered a asexual creature. Without the desire to mate and no organs to facilitate the gestation of young, the average Silgrarian does not reproduce young in their lifetime. This, of course, brings up the question “how do they reproduce then?”

A Silgrarian’s only means of reproducing is through the process of “integration”. To understand integration, it should be first be mentioned that the outer portion of a Silgrarian is more of an extension of the body. It can be removed without consequence, much like how fur can be shed or how nails can be clipped. Without this outer layer, a Silgrarian resembles an Octopus… It is in this form that they are able to integrate with another living being.

FOREWORD ON THE FOLLOWING PARAGRAPH FROM THE INTERGALACTIC XENOBIOLOGIST COMMITTEE (IXC): There is very little that is actually verified regarding Silgrarian reproduction. The accuracy of the following information is subject to change because of this fact. Please regard any unverified statements as speculative facts.

Integration is when a Silgrarian breaks from its shell or skin and latches to any given lifeform which can support their mass. Over the course of a few hours, the Silgrarian dissolves its entire body into the lifeform for a duration between 1-3 days (very few instances of this have actually been recorded). It is during this time that the lifeform undergoes irreversible biological changes which primarily affect their reproductive systems. As a result, the being whom was integrated, when giving or producing offspring, regardless of species or race will result in Silgrarian young. Bearing Silgrarian young is often fatal without careful observation because upon awakening the young will tear its way out of the lifeform, effectively ceasing its function. It is believed that this type of reproduction was meant to be viral in nature, but the contrast of a Silgrarian’s structured methodology means that this ability is seldom utilized.

The only recorded “viral” reproductive instances of Silgrarians have been mutual agreements between a Silgrarian and non-Silgrarian, often involving a significant payment in exchange for the subject being permanently changed. No data is recorded about the experience one may go through while integrated. Silgrarians do believe that it brings great honor to spawn at least one offspring in their lifetime, but the standards of the person they would change are typically so strict that most Silgrarians cease function before a candidate is found. To this day, there is little data is recorded about Silgrarian young as no Silgrarian has ever consented to yielding statistics about them.

In addition to the functions stated above, the outer portion of a Silgrarian can also shift color for the primary purpose of camouflage. This trait can also be linked with the Silgrarian’s mental well being, physical health and mood. Not all Silgrarians will shift to the same colors when affected in certain ways; one Silgrarian may shift red when angry, another may shift purple. Because of this, it is important to understand the individual Silgrarian before judging what they are feeling based on appearance. Many Silgrarians also supplement “uniforms” by shifting their outer colors. For example, if medical personnel at a given workplace are typically dressed in white, the Silgrarian will shift white as well to indicate this status.

Nutrition-wise, in a natural environment a Silgrarian can siphon energy from organic and inorganic entities much like Lugarians and Brakkians (though this is not via telekinesis). Their energy needs can be very high depending on the physical and mental activity the individual exerts and some larger Silgrarians have been known to require as much energy as a 1-person shuttle. Most often, a Silgrarian will nourish themselves via “regeneration chambers”, which are essentially a tiny room which saturates them with purified energy. These chambers can be expensive to construct due to their complex mechanical nature, but fortunately a Silgrarian can go up to 2 weeks without using one.

Regarding environment, a Silgrarian feels most at home in temperatures nearing -200F. Unfortunately no other sentient beings can even come close to surviving such an environment, so the average Silgrarian must either utilize temperature-regulating vests or biologically expend extra energy to regulate body temperature (which requires more frequent regeneration chamber visits).

There are many theories about Silgrarians. One popular speculation about their origin is that they began existence as a virus and eventually became a separate creature all-together. There are also those who believe that Silgrarians are the embodiment of every single creature in the galaxy, possessing nearly all of the most advantageous traits of each, up to and including even the Ixarian’s ability to regenerate.