VOICE ACTOR: Frank Hunter

CROSS REFERENCES: Aiden, Rudo, Karnagie

Charlie’s early life was largely uneventful and has worked in many different types of occupations ranging from janitor to cook to machinery worker (albeit clumsily), but found his niche as a “deployment class” LI.BA.sie programmer. Somehow, he had found himself surrounded by people willing to pay him to crack/pirate software after someone noticed that he has a vast collection of programs that he utilized on a daily basis. Too young and naive to realize that what he was doing was in fact highly illegal and punishable by death on his home planet of Skree-Clik-EE, Charlie was forced to use a large portion of his extensive earnings to egress to any space platform or habitat that he could find. Charlie was never really attached to anybody so at least that made things easier, but the problem was that Charlie’s only valuable skill lied within malicious hacking in some way shape or form. After leaving Skree-Clik-EE, Charlie abandoned his original name of Ekk-Skrik-Xa.

Discouraged, Charlie returned to doing what he knew would get him by, but was disturbed to know that some of his work was being used partly as a tool of blackmail, fraud and murder. By now, Charlie was familiar with the black market and sought to learn as much as he could about habitats of the galaxy in an effort to find a place where his skills were highly valued (and not illegal). Sending out a black market tagged job applicant form, he was hired on the spot by Rudo.

Rudo was a strange individual, he wore a mask of ruthlessness that had little meaning beneath the surface. The tasks of raiding places and cracking programs and locks were expected tasks, but Charlie noticed a pattern in the fact that all of the targets were consistent of black market individuals and groups. Charlie had mixed feelings about this… in the end he concluded that as long as he was well-protected by Rudo as he worked at least this was something he could live with somewhat.

One day, Charlie was awakened by Rudo stumbling about the room and waving his arms around as they were en-route to a destination. After asking him what was wrong, Charlie was shocked to have Rudo confess that his eyes were bionic, and that they were failing. A long, heartfelt conversation followed and each of them confessed their regrets in life.

Determined to help Rudo, Charlie utilizes the knowledge he had gained from his studies and mentions planet Tor and how his problems could be solved if they could obtain a specific crystal that is harvested by TIMCO. The plan doesn’t go well (See p1, Rudo).

Charlie initially treats his work sentence as a voluntary slave contract, but soon wonders if Karnagie meant well as he never felt as if he were being treated poorly (by his standards, remember), and the pay for the various and diverse tasks (of his choosing) felt more liberating than anything he had done for anyone else before. Even so, old habits die hard and he would find ways to automate his work through his programming skills against the safety regulations of the TIMCO workplace. Charlie is eventually approached by Aiden, who explained that he noticed his programs and compliments him on his work, but also mentions that his work is sloppy and unrefined. Charlie is at first insulted before being in awe of Aiden’s talents; they were unlike anything he had ever seen before. Aiden seemed to be able to rip right through LI.BA.sie code and make it do anything he wanted as fast as he wanted. He could fill an entire restricted room with 3-dimensional holograms; conventional knowledge states that this should be impossible to do without an extreme amount of wealth combined with top-level authority. Charlie had corresponded with many other programmers and knew that what Aiden was showing him was extremely dangerous: he became most suspicious as Aiden tried to downplay what he was able to do: “Govies use this all the time!”.

Charlie denies Aiden’s offer to teach him to manipulate Li.BA.sie at the deepest code level, scared of the implications and not wanting to risk losing his new life that he had established. Not too long after, Charlie is approached by Geom, a Brakkian with a jird-like morph guise who demands that he be her friend and tell her everything about his personal life. Brakkians are known to be *very* spontaneous, but this was rediculous. Confused, Charlie finds this irritating and distances himself from this obviously crazy person. It doesn’t work, and over time she gets him to talk. As Geom pries more, Charlie becomes infuriated (and hurt) when he figures out that she was asked by Aiden to talk to him and is ashamed that he didn’t figure it out sooner. Geom apologizes, and assures Charlie that she will always be there for him and that he’d never be alone.

Over time, Charlie was slowly convinced that Geom’s words of kindness were not entirely artificial; she never asked anything of him and was always willing to listen. He thought it would be nice to have someone other than Rudo to talk to as he’s more of the “deal with it and move on” type. One strange evening she had barged into his quarters and insisted that he needs to know what love is. Charlie woke up in the medical ward immediately afterward, not remembering much of what happened other than the sensations of weightlessness, warmth, and inner peace. Vox, disgruntled, explains to Charlie that Geom had over-siphoned his life energy causing loss of consciousness, peppering the conversation with how it wished that Karnagie would just fire her. Charlie is confused by this, having assumed that Geom and Aiden were mates. Life goes on, and neither Geom nor Aiden say anything to him, thus Charlie decides to fall silent and just keep it to himself. After having a long while to think about it, Charlie decides to take Aiden’s offer, explaining that his only intention of use is to protect those he cares about. “Totally acceptable!”, was Aiden’s response.

Fate would have it that the Aiden Charlie knew would not survive long enough to cover the vast under-workings of LI.BA.sie due to his injuries incurred on qdate 40425. Charlie had been working in traffic control at the time. Upon discovering Geom had crushed from an underground collapse, the overwhelming sense of loss nearly caused him to take his own life. After hiding in his room for 3 days, Rudo finally convinced Charlie that if he cannot live for himself, then he should live for those he remembers and to not let their influence die in vain, and that this is how he got through his own grief when his mother vanished from his life. Rudo explained also that he would not be able to help Aiden nearly as much as Charlie could; a correct assumption.

Reluctantly, Charlie finds the courage to approach the now chair-ridden, bruised-looking Aiden and immediately he knows that he would never be the same again. Initially angered by Aiden’s entirely ignorant insults about Geom, Charlie steps away and collapses with sorrow after an outburst that threw Aiden off of his hover-chair. After some time to calm down, they apologize to each other, and Charlie agrees to help Aiden through his memory loss by helping him re-learn the world around him.