This page is due for a re-vamp. I need to re-organize things so that every item entered is expandable/collapsable or something similar… this should give the credits page room to grow and make things easier to locate.

The credits listed in this page are not in your typical format as Delura is not a typical series. I will instead list every element of the Delura webseries (the episodes, the comic, website, etc) and say who worked on it and what they did. If any of the credits here are incorrectly entered or wishes to have their name changed/removed/anything, please contact us!

NOTE: Re-used elements are not counted, I am listing the contributions of artists based on the artwork/media’s first appearance in the series. Also, I may use time codes to indicate where the element was used (IE: “Composer:Metrotech Dream (0:55)” means that this song plays 55 seconds into the video).

White-labeled names = This means one or more of the following applies:
-Provisioner of free (creative commons) content that was used in Delura.
-A production element was either procured or used with explicit permission.
-The person did not directly work on the series (IE: they provided a tool, consulting, etc).


—-Damian Sobieralski—-
Thanks for believing in us, and for saving our
butts when our PSU died! He is the first person
to donate to the Delura project! Justly so, he
gets the privilege of being listed first!

Matthew Rogers
“Going to the Syfy forums to advertise your series is
like going to the Vatican to preach Muslim.”

Kenneth Burns
Blair Higgins
Darby Cupit
Chris Hall
Dan Dulberger
Thomas Wirth
Robert Benjamin
Clint Walker
Rian Saville
Paul Mackinnon
Charles Scott
Sean Bennett
Metal Renard
Anonymous #1
Anonymous #2

Pre-production, Website, and other indirect content work

—-Taben Roye—-
Creator of concept: Planet Tanadrine
Creator of concept: Delura (entity)
Initial concept artwork: All races, Most characters, various visual elements.
Additional directing
Delura Promo work
Domain setup
Wordpress website setup
Manager of webhosting tasks
Near-Final Design: Delura title text

Sketches: Delura title style concepts

—-Ryan Roye—-
Creator of concept: Delura (galaxy)
Website design/programming (using wordpress template)
The blog guy
Various additional concept artwork
Delura Promo work
Human Resources
Final Color Design: Delura title text

—-Dan Dulberger—-
He has created some Lightwave workflow enhancement
plugins that are vital to my animation workflow.
I am a very fast animator, but part of that speed
is thanks to this guy.

Andrew McCluskey
Creator of the “Ace Futurism” font, used as Delura’s
primary typeface.

Delura Episode 001

—-Ryan Roye—-
All visual/audio production elements
Voice: Female mineship pilot

—-Taben Roye—-
Voice: Aiden

Delura Episode 002

—-Ryan Roye—-
All visual/audio production elements
Voice: Vox

—-Taben Roye—-
Voice: Aiden

Delura Episode 003

—-Ryan Roye—-
All visual/audio production elements
Voice: LI.BA.s.i.e default computer voice
Voice: Karnagie

—-Edwyn Tiong—-
Voice: Lucius

Delura Episode 004

—-Ryan Roye—-
All visual/audio production elements
Composer: All other ambient music
Voice: Vox
Voice: LI.BA.s.i.e default computer voice
Voice: Ixarian native vocals
Voice: Various extras (2:26, 10:04, 10:06, 10:50)

—-Taben Roye—-
Voice: Aiden
Voice: Silgrarian secretary

—-Edward Bosco—-
Voice: Rudo
Voice: Clyde Wols
Voice: Various extras (9:45, 9:49, 10:02, 10:08, 10:11, 10:25, 10:27)
(This dude gets the “swiss army knife of vocals” award!)

—-Frank Hunter—-
Voice: Charlie

—-Robert S. Benjamin—-
Voice: Various Extras (9:56, 10:31)

Voice: Various Extras (10:16, 10:19, 10:34)

—-Johnny Voruz—-
Additional image render computations

—-Phil “Overman” Rice—-
(from the “Electronic Eclectica” soundtrack)
Composer: Efficiency (0:00)
Composer: Payback the Rent (1:00)
Composer: Who is that guy? (9:40)

Delura Episode 005.01

—-Ryan Roye—-
All visual/audio production elements (except detail ship model)

—-Edwyn Tiong—-
Voice: Tanadrine Grid Senate Speaker

—-Karen Kahler—-
Voice: Senate extra

Detail Ship model

Delura Episode 005.02

—-Ryan Roye—-
All visual/audio production elements

—-Debbie Grattan—-
Voice: Rayvazevexine

Delura Episode 005.03

—-Ryan Roye—-
Lead Development
Character design
General Modeling
General Textures
Final Lighting
2d/3d Animation
Sound Design
Post Production
Composer: MetroTech Dream (0:55)
Voice: LI.BA.s.i.e default computer voice
Voice: Misc pedestrians
—-Frank Hunter—-
Voice: Charlie

Voice: Felix

—-Robert S. Benjamin—-
Voice: Dodger
Voice: Ivan

—-Edward Bosco—-
Voice: Rudo

—-Davey Arnette—-
Voice: Swami

Piano Notes: MetroTech Dream (0:55)
Composer: Delura Intro Theme (Pathe the Way)
Composer: All music (2:07-END)
Sound Mixing
Voice: “No” Blob

Detail Ship models
Extra Pedestrian Textures

Prop model and animation (wristpad)

Detail Ship models
Background texturing (Comm building, Parking area)

Mocap pedestrian animations (Jimmyrig)

—-Parker B.—-
Primary Lighting
Additional surfacing details
Clothing Model/textures: Lucius

Provisioner: Free pixel art

Delura Render Comics: Bandits to Tor

—-Ryan Roye—-
All 2d/3d visual elements

Special Thanks

—-Larry “SplineGod” Shultz—-
Departed mentor, and friend. He taught me a lot
about 3d animation in Lightwave which has changed
the way I work entirely. He spent many hours
screen-sharing with me over Skype to explain solutions
to problems and how to do cool stuff. I hope to one
day thank him in the afterlife, or if that’s not
how things work in the cosmos, do his teachings
justice! We all miss you Larry, I won’t let you

—-Lightwave Community (various)—-
I have and continue to benefit from the
cumulative knowledge of fellow Lightwave
users. I feel privileged to be a part of
a community that is so willing to help

Various royalty free sound effects were procured from this site.

Has been a vital resource for the majority of textures used in Delura.
A lot of other productions have relied on this site as well!

Jean-Nicholas “Hell Gamer” Charest
He has been a valuable go-to resource
whenever I needed a quick opinion or feedback
concerning our stuff! Thanks!

Anthony Rizo
Provided valuable, extremely detailed input
for improving our pitch for our March 2013
Kickstarter campaign… not only helping on
what we should say/mention, but also how we
should present ourselves. We aren’t experts
in front of the camera nor are we promotional
geniuses, but it was sure nice to have the
benefit of his advice.

Chris Peterson
Provided the Lightwave plugin “spawnpoint”
after I made a post on the Lightwave forums.
It’s a very handy tool!