VOICE ACTOR: Ryan Roye (I intend to replace my vocals with someone else… actor has not been selected/auditioned yet)

CROSS REFERENCES: Lucius, Aiden, Rudo, Charlie

As the head manager of TIMCO, Karnagie has been faced with many difficult decisions and as a result is liked by no one. He is blunt-spoken, ruthless, and doesn’t take crap from his subordinates… yet at the same time he can be lenient to even the worst of troublemakers (IE: Aiden) so long as their productivity remains very high to compensate for the damage they do. As a head representative of the Tor division of TIMCO, Karnagie is responsible for assuring a high level of energy output intended to suppliment the Tanadrine Grid’s high energy needs. The problem is that theives, mercenaries and black-market companies were a constant threat and even with the might of the Tanadrine Grid militia forces behind him, there always seemed to be cracks in the defense that malicious space-faring people were desperate to squander. To make things worse, fighting off these intruders requires a lot of energy, and though the facility is literally surrounded by it, this energy takes time to process into a usable form. Because of this Karnagie is placed in a constant paradox: does one expend the energy resources to defend themselves and the inhabitants of Tor, or do we work to sustain the Tanadrine Grid and prevent its total shut-down? The balance is extremely fragile.

The disaster of 40425 left Karnagie in a guaranteed position for failure; more than quarter of his workforce vanished in the timeframe of a few hours and production before the event was only barely meeting quota. Karnagie is certain that this is the work of mercenaries hired by space-faring corporations specifically created for the purpose of destroying Tor’s supplimentary planetary defense (in which TIMCO is a part of). Infuriated, frustrated and saddened by the visions of how the tragedy has affected everyone, Karnagie determines that he will stop at nothing to bring down who is responsible.

On qdate 40428, Karnagie notes that Zelminyuminine and Lucius’s presence in the facility means trouble for everyone. After the usual banter of legal blabbering from Lucius, Karnagie is presented with an image of a highly dangerous individual and is instructed to evacuate the facility if seen. The image is obsurd, and defied all of Karnagie’s assumptions and beliefs. Angered from this display Karnagie demands answers, but is only met with dismissal. After a long period of troubled thoughts, Karnagie makes a secret internal decision and prints out a physical paper containing instructions meant for Rudo, TIMCO Tor’s chief security officer.

The next day (40429), Karnagies assumptions of things getting worse are confirmed by Rudo’s mention of a missing persons report. They both knew that, left unresolved, this could instill panic into an already shaken civilian population. Karnagie orders Rudo to assemble TIMCO employees according to the strictly time-scheduled list that he had prepared the previous day. The purpose and reasoning behind Karnagie’s orders and the specific instructions paired with them are suspicious and unknown.