VOICE ACTOR: Edwyn Tiong

CROSS REFERENCES: Zelminyuminine, Karnagie

Employed by the Tanadrine Grid government, Lucius is currently the second-highest authority in the Investigations department (rank 9). Originally an intergalactic lawyer (which is now his cover title), over the past several years since ~39.902 Lucius’s peers have noticed that in addition to his personality and deameanor completely changing, he has advanced through the ranks of the Tanadrine Grid government faster than any individual in its 500-year history. In place of a lighthearted, easy-going personality came a disciplined, serious individual who seems to be without any personal life whatsoever. Despite concerns raised by others about the strangeness of his advancement, Lucius has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Tanadrine Grid government and has exposed, single-handedly, countless cases of fraud and corruption. Because some of these exposures involved the Tanadrine Grid government’s employees, Lucius has made some enemies but seems unconcerned with his safety; in fact Lucius is usually the first to accept and persue the most dangerous and life-threatening of cases.

Lucius often works alongside Zelminyuminine and does not give a second thought to the idea that she deferrs much of her paperwork and other information-related tasks to him (even though she is supposed to be the one doing it). Lucius finds Zel’s less-than-serious demeanor irritating and cannot understand how someone of such high authority can get away with treating their work as if it were some low-level cashier job. Though he does not show it, Zel’s diversely negative comments about his wife infuriate him as she is constantly belittling the “non-existent” long-distance relationship that he maintains through a custom-modified handheld Relictech cellphone. Zel’s repeated inquiry as to why Lucius also doesn’t spend time with his “bastard male” son also bothers him, but he refuses to let it affect him on the outside.

On qdate 40426, the Tanadrine Grid Government mutually agreed that the disaster of the TIMCO Tor facility the day prior required immediate investigation. Considering the fragile state of the Tanadrine Grid megastructure, failure of one of the highest-output energy facilities brought great concern to everyone. Asked to keep a low profile, Lucius and Zel are deployed as scouts. Before departure, Zel insists that Lucius wear a specific wristwatch. Lucius doesn’t see the point, but agrees to wear despite its gaudy design… Lucius secretly enjoys antiques but is also picky about them.

After approaching Karnagie and explaining what was needed concerning data for error checking and program diagnostics, Lucius, against the rules of the Tanadrine Government, decides to mention a top wanted criminal whom he felt could be involved with the indicent. The response of disbelief and anger from Karnagie was expected. The intention was to keep Karnagie on his toes and ready to react when/if the time came.

Immediately after speaking with Karnagie, Zel explains to Lucius that the wristwatch is actually an etherial detector and that he would be tasked with touring the facility and scanning as much as possible while at the same time posing as an intergalactic lawyer. Lucius knew as he set to his task that even with the threat of highly dangerous and sometimes unpredictable ethereal technology, there were plenty of other dangers that loomed over the entire TIMCO Tor complex.