VOICE ACTOR: Ryan Roye (will be replaced with Karen Kahler in her next appearance)

CROSS REFERENCES: Lucius, Rayvazevexine

Zelminyuminine lived much of her earlier life on planet Mavavexlavine where her professions tended to revolve around a combination of programming and E.B.O.C mastery. A high point in her career occurred when a LI.BA.sie delivered virus threatened to destroy the one of the planet’s major weather control systems that she eliminated with an intuitive counter-virus. Zel further discovered that this program was delivered by Rayvazevexine. While Rayva’s foul deeds were no secret, no one had been able to prove that she was the person behind it until Zel uncovered this. In the end, this earned Rayva banishment from Lugarian territory, and left Zel with a dangerous and bitter rival.

Zel’s abilities and quick-learning caught the eye of the grand matriarch who had been searching for an ambassador for the Tanadrine Grid which, after some careful thought, was accepted. Zel also knew that Rayva had many loyalists on her home planet and that no number of body guards would be able to ensure her continued safety.

On the Tanadrine Grid, Zel did not adjust well initially; corridors and confined spaces are not an ideal environment for Lugarians in general, added to the fact that Morphic structures only really utilized the ground plane rather than the walls and ceilings. The idea that males were not solely purposed as servants of convenience also bothered her. Over thirty years pass, and it was determined that due to a combination of her talents, natural ability for Lugarians to empathically scan others, and her “neutral” standing that she should be the ideal candidate for leader of the Tanadrine Grid’s investigative branch. Zel was generally well-liked among her peers with her humor and her not-so-serious, casual way of going about her work… though the weird thing was that Zel’s highly “sexist” comments towards male employees were taken as joking around rather than serious insults like intended… she would ask herself “Why do they enjoy my company more when I’m belittling them!? I don’t get it!!”

One employee of the Tanadrine Grid Zel has found suspicious is Lucius, who came into the picture about 12 years into her employment. At first, Lucius seemed like any normal morph who worked in the Tanadrine Grid, but one day he suddenly changed… radically; as if he were a completely different person. Now, nothing about him seems to add up to anything that makes sense in her mind. What disturbs her most is that he seems invulnerable to her empathic scans and only hears and sees silence when she extends her senses. He is the only Morph that has ever been able to do this.

Consequently, Lucius ended up being assigned as Zel’s subordinate. She discovered that she could easily manipulate Lucius and defer a lot of her mundane tasks to him up to and including even her tax reports. He never seemed to mind it in the slightest. The mundane and tedious are always best left for males to do, after all. Having only to handle the most sensitive of documents herself, she continues to be troubled about Lucius in the back of her mind… is he going to snap one day? Is he just suffering a mental condition no one knows about?

To help her deal with the “creepy” aspects of Lucius, Zel tends to speak bluntly and pokes fun at him at every opportunity. Lucius is always talking about his wife and child, yet Zel has never seen them and repeatedly asks to be invited for dinner despite the fact that Lugarians do not consume energy the same way morphs do. Her favorite insult is to call Lucius’s wife a “fat useless blob”… his eye sometimes twitches when she says that. One day, Zel realized that during a conversation Lucius’s phone had been turned off the entire time, yet he was still talking. Perhaps Lucius secretly fantisizes about having the perfect family but can’t face the fact that his life is so lame and boring? Zel decides to just consider Lucius mentally insane and resumes her usual demeanor towards him. Zel reminds herself that Lucius is little more than a servant. An ugly, hairy servant, but one nonetheless.

On qdate 40426, Zel and Lucius were deployed to investigate the disaster of TIMCO Tor, in which she was tasked with organizing the inspection of all available program code and data for malicious tampering. Though highly dissatisfied that they were deployed without any military escort or reinforcements, she understands to a degree the resource constraints that have been plaguing the Tanadrine Grid. The main concern to her now is where she could possibly go should the Tanadrine Grid finally collapse and become little more than abandoned space junk.