VOICE ACTOR: Debbie Grattan

CROSS REFERENCES: Zelminyuminine, Dodger

Not much is known about Rayvazevexine aside the fact that she is the host of a widely broadcasted (and hugely popular) visual media program she calls “The Eye of the Universe”, and that she has obtained an unimaginable amount of wealth through a combination of blackmail and advertisement revenue.

The Eye of the Universe. Rayva’s broadcasted program.

In a nutshell, her operations usually follow this pattern:

—She and her minions work to discover things about large companies and government bodies that would be hazardous if released to the public.

—When this information is obtained, a “blackmail payment request” is sent for a set (usually very large) sum of money.

—If this payment is not received, Rayva includes the information in her broadcast. If Rayva feels she can earn more from ad revenue than blackmail, she bypasses the blackmail process.

No one knows how she obtains this information, and it is speculated that she has developed stealth technology that exceeds what was thought possible according to conventional knowledge. It is also unknown as to how Rayva actually broadcasts her messages through LI.BA.sie; the signals are undecipherable and cannot be blocked. Much research has gone into figuring out why.

Despite her program being prohibited in most locations in the galaxy it has not deterred the billions of viewers that follow her broadcasts, as many believe that she is what keeps the rich, greedy and powerful in check. She is what keeps the “wool” from being pulled over people’s eyes, even though she has frequently lied in order to garner hatred towards individuals.

Rayva is now especially hated by the Tanadrine Grid Government, as following the events of qdate 40425 she revealed a highly controversial, top secret plan to restore the Tanadrine Grid megastructure and save it from shutdown at the cost of the entire Silgrarian race. In mere days, this has resulted in withdrawal of trade agreements from other nations, expediting the deteriorating state of the megastructure at an alarming rate.

The only other noteworthy content of Rayva’s program is that she frequently kills her henchmen during her telecasts by what appears to be a highly potent neural-toxin that is either installed into their uniforms or embedded under the skin… the deaths always happen instantaneously. Oddly enough, she calls them her “children”. Occasionally, she will also bring in a hostage or victim and dissect (torture) them while they plead for the release of death all while she delivers the telecast live. “I know… it’s messy and tasteless, but it’s good for ratings.”

Any other information would be speculative, so it will not be included.