VOICE ACTOR: Robert S. Benjamin

CROSS REFERENCES: Ivan, Swami, Rayvazevexine

Dodger has always lived knowing the harsh reality of the universe he dwells in. Like many others borne into a black market society, Dodger spent much of his earlier life serving ruthless and unforgiving clan leaders of Mantra that claimed that his mother was their property, thus, Dodger in turn inherited this status. His only purpose in life was to serve his masters.

Dodger obeyed as a subordinate of Mantra, but secretly sought revenge as his heart filled with hatred with each passing year. Having excelled in ways that no other had, he earned enough trust to receive bionic alterations. This would prove to be a fatal mistake, as the moment the guard of his masters were let down, many died from Dodger’s wrath, both deserving and innocent alike.

Dodger’s spaceship: the Scrapper.

Knowing only a life of ruthlessness and dominance drenched in murder and blight, Dodger would eventually purchase an interstellar spaceship (later named the “Scrapper” by Ivan) and use nearly all of his stolen or pillaged earnings to replace and enhance as much of his natural body as possible; his obsession with discarding his natural self was unrelenting. With a Torian-imbued neutronium alloy skeleton, the removal of his respiratory system, his eyes infused with imaging sensors, and many other alterations, even unarmed Dodger is more dangerous than a fully armed space vessel. He also enjoys the idea that most do not realize that he is more machine than anything; it truly adds an element of surprise towards his enemies. In addition, he wears body armor that can easily withstand a significant amount of force. A generator that projects a force layer around him allows him to survive even the vacuum of space for limited amounts of time. Dodger knew that many bionic surgeons could not be trusted, so he always made certain to find ways to avoid being conned such as purchasing potent black market poisons and their antidotes to encourage trustworthiness. Finally, he wields a Graviton IV handheld energy projector which is designed to be versatile in function… it can be used to destroy targets or to stun an opponent depending on the power setting used. Dodger typically prefers to fight his his bare hands, reserving the firearm for utility or long-range functions.

One day, when raiding a refuel station he would come across Ivan, who offered to work with Dodger as a mechanic in exchange for a small cut of his raid earnings (see why in Ivan’s writeup). Without the benefit of mechanical knowledge himself, Dodger agreed that Ivan might be somewhat useful. Ivan’s motives were questionable at best, but Dodger knew that unless he was a Brakkian, he posed no threat.

Months pass, and Dodger sees the benefit of having Ivan to maintain his ship, but not without many disagreements and annoyances that come with a subordinate who tends to speak his mind and could not seem to learn from the repeated beatings that they received. Ivan would eventually tell Dodger that the core gear mechanisms that operated his ship’s interstellar transport systems were failing, and that the only place that this part could be obtained from was from the Targa sector E. platform.

(p1)Here, things would get complicated as the arrangement made to a black market dealer went sour. One of the dealer’s henchmen had found a suspicious device in the room where they were to meet and immediately accused Dodger and Ivan of being enforcers. Dodger easily murders his attackers, but turns to Ivan threatening to end his life if he continued to poorly judge the trustworthiness of his sources. Ivan gets the message, and upon a short examination of the device he noted that someone was listening in on them. They search the area, both determined to make whomever foiled their plans pay for their actions.

They would find Swami among the debris. Hesitating on Dodger’s orders to kill Swami, Ivan states that the device seemed to be equipped with custom programming and interrogates him. Apparently, Swami was a rogue Relictech programmer who had been working for various clients in the area as a spy. Ivan explains that this would be useful because the Scrapper was almost entirely composed of Relictech components, and that Swami would be able to construct programs that could enhance and update things such as radar, detection and propulsion systems efficiency. Dodger, his teeth nearly cracking from his desire to murder them both, reluctantly agrees, but tells Swami that he would be killed if he even slightly become an annoyance.

Swami was an annoyance, but somehow Dodger restrained his desire to kill him. Maybe it was the fact Ivan had someone smaller than him to pick on, maybe it was the upgraded radar system that made locating things a single button press instead of endless, tedious trial-and-error commands. The drawback though was that Swami often proved useless as a field operative, lacking any physical strength and often froze in fear when his life was threatened. The squeamishness he displayed while witnessing killings was also annoying. One time Dodger tried arming Swami with a firearm and it only wasted precious ammo and injured Ivan in the process. Useless.

On qdate 40426, Dodger would learn about the events of TIMCO Tor which perked his interest. He would occasionally contact Rayvazevexine and pay her for valuable information that normal media companies were unable to cover, and in this case she clued him into the possibility that a very deadly device was present in the TIMCO Tor complex consisting of ethereal technology. Aside from the very high price, Dodger had never been disappointed with Rayva’s information services previously, so in turn he insists that the crew set course to planet Tor.