VOICE ACTOR: Robert S. Benjamin


Ivan initially grew up in a typical family environment as a resident of Space Habitat Osura; a small but livable artificially constructed celestial body that functioned well as a stopping point for many travelers in addition to being home to approximately 200,000 citizens. Ivan’s family (1 brother and his parents) did not live in poverty, but money was always a central concern and things like mechanical failure on things such as transportation equipment constantly threatened to tear their lives apart. The importance of being able to repair and refurbish machinery was priority #1 for survival and Ivan’s father pressured him to learn quickly. By Ivan’s early teens, his mother would abandon the family after his father’s Relictech mechanical trade and repair business shut down from the result of being overshadowed by a company called “Zar M.T.S” (Mechanics, Tools and Services) that sought monopoly by means of price dumping. Forced to work for Zar, Ivan and his brother watched their father become less of a person and more of a servant as years passed, and they would feel the effects as well as they too were forced to find work through these companies that dominated the bustling machine market of Osura.

One day, Ivan and his brother would come home from their work to find their father dead; a suicide note in his hand. Ivan felt nothing having lost respect for his father years ago for his inability to stand up to himself. He would not be surprised if his employers were the killers and were trying to disguise it by making it look like a suicide… as recently his father had incurred huge debts from having to purchase “work licenses” implemented by Zar’s powerful influence over the Osura government. He had watched his father get beat and belittled by his employers in front of him too many times to care about his death. Ivan had always wanted to find ways to fight back but had countless encounters with his father saying that he was a fool for thinking that way. “Who’s the fool now?” Ivan asked to his father’s corpse. Ivan’s younger brother was devastated, but there was nothing to be said. Ivan would use a combination of his savings and cash earned from selling his father’s property to leave Osura and his brother behind. Ivan could just not take life seriously anymore… he had nothing to lose and was determined to not suffer the same fate as his father. Ivan was going to live a life of adventure; a life that someone could brag about at a bar and have guys be jealous and have gals swooning over him.

Ivan would not get far, his funds were not nearly enough to purchase more than a few trips outbound and found himself stuck working at a tiny refueling station on the outskirts of the Targa sector. As much as he hated the idea, Ivan knew he would have to be patient as he saved as much as he could to enable him to travel further. This was difficult, as through each passing day his life was resembling more and more that of his fathers; tolerating the belittlement from his employers and generally feeling like an indentured servant.

Ivan sat bored as he waited for a station diagnostics check to complete and suddenly heard yelling paired with people running for their lives in the distance. He smiled at this, anything bad that happened to this station, even if it left him out of a job, would be a pleasurable experience for him to watch. Ivan moved to investigate; at the storefront a very tall, strangely dressed individual had Ivan’s boss at gunpoint, demanding access to the station’s power supply unit. The employer insisted he had no way to gain access to it and it was out of his control, but Ivan would step in saying:

“Just go ahead and kill him, I’ll hook you up bro.”

“Holy shit!” Ivan exclaimed as Dodger blew the employer’s head off, leaving them in a pool of their own blood; he knew this guy meant business but was happy to show this thug precisely where everything was kept. Ivan would ask this person if he was looking for a mechanic; the strange looks were expected… this guy probably had never received any such inquiries. Thoughts raced through Ivan’s mind as he asked this, but decisions to abandon playing the role of “nice guy” were reached quickly. He’d rather be on a wanted list than stuck being an employer’s slave. If he couldn’t be successful by playing by the rules, then what would Ivan have to lose by being a plunderer?

“Dude, if you want to steal stuff at least use the lifts in the store to make the process easier… they are there for a reason! Here, I’ll even help you get your stuff on your ship!”

Before this thug (Dodger) would leave, Ivan managed to convince him that he could prove valuable through his skills in Relictech mechanics and intuitive thinking regarding ways to make stealing stuff a faster and easier process:

“Also, make your victims do your work for you… why are you picking this stuff up yourself when you’re surrounded by customer service!?”

At this point in life, Ivan would become Dodger’s go-to machinist.

Ivan would find that there was a limit as to how much advice Dodger would tolerate though, so he would reserve his opinion/arguments to only the most important things. The profits that came along with a the criminal life were staggering; Ivan was able to make more in a single day than he was able to in an entire month back at the station, and this was what Dodger considered “chump change”! Ivan made sure to downplay his surprise though, otherwise Dodger might re-consider the pay rate. After all, he would need that money for important things such as women and drugs.

As time passed, Ivan would discover that the Scrapper’s engine was in bad shape and would have to convince Dodger to procure the parts needed for replacements. Instructing Dodger on things that he did not understand was a tough thing to do because unless he could see physical damage on a broken device (which was often not the case), Dodger would think Ivan was lying.

After some wrench beatings and laser cutting, Ivan would “show” Dodger the issue and they would make their way to Targa sector E; the only place where the engine replacement parts could be found.

After an ordeal with a failed trade attempt (See Dodger, (p1)), Ivan found much convenience in being able to have Swami program any devices that he created. Swami never looked like the type to take up a criminal life in Ivan’s perspective, and his timid nature annoyed the living crap out of him; it reminded him too much of his younger brother. So, Ivan would treat Swami as he felt he deserved to be treated; as someone who lets people walk all over them. However, deep down Ivan did appreciate having someone else on board who wasn’t a dumb musclehead brute who actually thought about things other than killing people and making money off of them (well, the money part was understandable at least). All Dodger seemed to do during downtime was sleep. Swami seemed more open to other things like playing competitive games of Clash Vector; it helped kill time with long trips to different destinations and computer opponents never really cut it. This was a mixed blessing, as Ivan always got mad when he lost and would accuse Swami of hacking the game.

Some adventures and pillaging later, Dodger would tell Ivan and Swami that they would be en-route to Tor. Ivan doesn’t take it well and considers it suicide, but a well-placed gut punch was enough to convince him to change his mind.