Brakkians are light-based beings that often inhabit self-constructed vehicles called “guises”, some of them consisting entirely of organic materials. Outside of their vehicle, they resemble coruscating waves of light.



Origin Planet:
Mavavexlavine (may-va-vex-la-vine)

Average Lifespan:
~5 years, Highest ever recorded is 623

Bodily intake required to function:
Any energy-emitting compound

Base Min/Max Temp. Tolerance:
Unaffected by temperature

Gravity tolerance:

Physical Force Capability (what is considered heavy weight-wise):
0 lbs. See commentary for explanation.

Mental Properties:
Telekinetic ~10 ft, anti-telepathic

Physical Properties:


Brakkians are perhaps the most mysterious of all known creatures in the known universe. Very little is known about them on a biological level because they posses no organs, no distinguishing features and nothing has been able to explain how these entities of heavily-condensed energy achieved sentience. Observationally, they are simply bright spheres of light floating in the air and conventional scientific analysis dictates that this is actually what they are. From speculation and emerging branch of ethereal technology, the current popular theory is that they are beings whom exist in two dimensional planes; their awareness and interaction in one plane and their “organic” functions in another.

Brakkians posses no traditional physical capabilities and instead rely on powerful “telekinesis” to interact with their environment. Technically calling them telekinetic is an incorrect term as they simply extend their bodies into strands to manipulate their environment, but socially this term in the eyes of the common has persisted in relevance to Brakkians. This “telekinetic” control is so precise that every centimeter of space can be manipulated within a 5 foot spherical radius, with the degree of control diminishing beyond that. Some Brakkians have been known to be able to move up to 140 pounds of weight using this ability. However, this telekinesis is seldom directly used… Instead, Brakkians commonly utilize what are called “guises”.

Guises are what some consider the most defining quality of Brakkians and are the result of this unsurpassed mastery in telekinesis. They are an object or collection of objects that a Brakkian surrounds themselves with to serve any multitude of functions. For example, for a purely work-oriented environment, one would simply surround themselves with various tools using telekinesis. In a social environment (more common), a Brakkian will often use durable organic compounds to take the form of creatures that happen to be near them. One’s identity is typically obvious when one encounters a “disguised” Brakkian as the “head” of this guise typically houses the body of the entity. The head almost always consists of some type of embedded visor or opening which allows uninhibited view of the environment, but some Brakkians may choose to conceal themselves further by utilizing often-expensive forms of “sight modification” devices, allowing the head of the guise to be detailed and more natural looking without hindering visual acuity. These guises are also often used to speak vocally to observant races without using thought articulators making them an excellent choice as representatives or translators… though some societies consider the use of guises very insulting. The behavior of taking the form of surrounding creatures appears to have originated as a defense mechanism to many of the threats (especially mobile predatory plantlife) that Mavavexlavine’s environment possesses… and what better disguise than that of the predator? As of this writing, guises are now primarily used to allow Brakkians to better relate, coincide, communicate and even mate with non-Brakkians.

Brakkians hail from the same home planet as Lugarians and as such they share physical and mental qualities such as being openly social and being immune to gravitational (but not inertial) force. One major difference however is that Brakkians are considered “anti-telepathic”. Since they posses no organic means of thought processing, so there is technically nothing for telepaths to read from them. This property alone has frustrated Lugarians and has even historically led to fighting between Lugarians and Brakkians in various ancient time periods. Lugarians can still often be discomforted in the presence of a Brakkian without the benefit of being able to sense how they feel (a staple in Lugarian society), but fortunately relations have greatly improved over the past 200 years and hostility is no longer present between the two races.

Brakkians are a highly energy-dependent race. By utilizing their telekinesis they can absorb pure energy from any conceivable object that generates it up to and including organic lifeforms. To Brakkians as well as Lugarians, not all energy is the same and the “taste” of the energy is described as being better when siphoned from a healthy living organism than from a mechanical device. It is also proven that Brakkians that only siphon from living creatures typically live somewhat longer lifespans… but it is not determined however whether this fact is directly from the energy absorbed or from the reduced stress of having a highly-desired resource. This organic energy resource is so desired, in fact, that often it can prove to be a catalyst to forming mateship with observant races for the reason of having a continuous organic energy source.

Most Brakkians have extremely short lifespans and many resources are utilized to research why this is. Currently, it is speculated that Brakkians do not technically die of “old age”, but rather fully dissolve into a different plane of existence to live the remainder of their full life. Brakkians do not consider death the same as observant races and as such, there are many instances where a Brakkian often will not understand why one would grieve over the death of a loved one… after all “death” is common in Brakkian culture. This is not because of lack of empathy, but rather a difference of beliefs. Death to a Brakkian is a positive and unique experience that is only granted after facing the trials of life and opens up an unknown world to explore.

Despite their brief existence in comparison to other races, they are still extremely competitive in the career field. All Brakkians statistically retain 99.48% of all sensory and mental data and as such are extremely fast learners and can usually recall information almost as well as a computational device. In diverse, fast paced and changing environments, no other race is better suited than a Brakkian. Because of their extremely adept learning and information retention abilities, Brakkians are banned from participating in interalactic trivia game shows and similar prize-awarded entertainment functions due to their “unfair” advantages. Brakkians tend to disagree as to whether they should consider this a compliment or an insult. As a final note regarding Brakkian age, rare exceptions do exist. The oldest living Brakkian entity, considered a divinity to many, is Quexvamavaline. It is unconfirmed if Quex still lives as the entity has not been observed and recorded for at least a century. The last recorded age of Quex is of 623 years.

Brakkians are a unisex race; as such there is no distinction of male or female that exists outside of social context, though the choice of guises often is mistaken or substituted for a Brakkian’s gender. Mating is rather simplistic compared to other races, with two Brakkians simply occupying the same space for a short time, exchanging, discharging and absorbing energies and eventually separate. Both mated Brakkians gestate and can double in size over the course of a month, eventually separating much like in the concept of cellular mitosis. The spawn of the originating Brakkian will usually retain some of the memories and knowledge of the parent, but often will differ socially. Certain types of guises allow Brakkians to mate with non-Brakkians, but doing so is often very dangerous to the observant race involved. During mating, Brakkians exchange energies… but organic entities do not receive and expel energy in the same way that Brakkians do and as a result, while enhanced pleasure can be observed, this can also damage and cease function through any multitude of problems too numerous to list here. Most deaths as a result of inter-species mating between Brakkians and observant races is from over-siphoning bodily energy causing loss of consciousness and eventual (sometimes rapid) cease of function. Though Brakkians feel no pleasure from the act of inter-racial mating itself, the influx of siphoned energy is often described as “very invigorating”. Because of the risks involved, it is highly recommended that non-Brakkians avoid mating with Brakkians. That, and few health insurance companies cover the cost of injuries incurred during this dangerous activity.

Most Brakkians have difficulty concentrating on a single subject and can limit to a degree their compatibility with other races on a social level. Brakkians have been known to become impatient very quickly towards those who cannot operate at their level or adjust to their spontaneous behavior. Being on good terms with a Brakkian could be described as a balancing act that requires a deep understanding of their cultures, beliefs and common behaviors. To put it simply, Brakkians live in the fast lane; keep up with them… if you can!