LI.BA.sie is an acronym for Light-Based System of Information Export. It is the basis of most hardware and software technology that exists within the Delura galaxy.

This is the very first screen LI.BA.sie presents to its users. This is only ever displayed once in a person’s lifetime. It is rare for an adult individual to be presented with this graphic.

===== HISTORY =====

On Qdate -0013.20.27 (approximately 600 standard years ago), trade and commerce began presumably for the first time on planet Tor. The best explanation from Silgrarians yields the answer that they, as a whole, were not certain as to how to convene with the curious who would not stop visiting their planet in search of the rich energy resources beneath the harsh surface. Often, any who convened with Silgrarians were often frustrated with their lack of technology, trade systems, and other things considered “standard” for sentient races to be capable of. The irony was that Silgrarians on average dwarfed all other living organisms in terms of mental prowess, evident of the “multi-dimensional time-vortex coffee maker” gift to the Ixarian government, which still remains on display in their world museum and still baffles scientists as to how it actually works. There was no question that poor social integration was not a factor of intelligence, but rather a conscious choice combined with long-term isolation.

The Silgrarians, sharing the same frustrations as their visitors, decided that not only should the problem of commerce and societal integration be solved for their homeworld, but it should be solved for the entire galaxy. The idea was to create a platform so robust and versatile, that it would alleviate many of the struggles, hardships, and inefficiencies that were a direct result of confusion and inability to express ideas and concepts. The government bodies of all sentient races initially rejected the idea harshly, fearing the implications of such a global and expansive system. The Silgrarians responded by explaining that without help, their system could only ever work for them and them alone. After the demonstration of LI.BA.sie ALPHA to major sentient government bodies, this rejection would eventually fade in favor of a system that had undeniable benefits to all living beings. With Silgrarians acting as mediators, they and many representatives and scientists from across the galaxy would contribute to LI.BA.sie’s final form that is now used today. The construction and hardware-elements of LI.BA.sie itself remains unclear with no recorded documentation available. No explanation has been made public as to how the galaxy-wide system operates beneath the elements visible to its users.

Below is a diagram that details how LI.BA.sie operates based on current knowledge.

NOTE: There is a code level not shown in the above diagram which is labeled “administrator”. Administrators were original developers of LI.BA.sie that were granted full access certain parts of source code and functions in the event that error correcting or removal of the system was required. Because all of the administrators have long since passed away, this category no longer serves any function. Transfer of admin properties was strictly prohibited as was only meant as a component of a contingency plan.


LI.BA.sie usage has the following requirements and/or limitations:

You must originate from Delura.

You must be an organic life form to use LI.BA.sie. Machines, or mechanically resurrected lifeforms may only interact with LI.BA.sie through someones account and with their consent (duress will be detected by Var*, therefor it will not work). Brakkians are exempt from this rule.

*See “artificial intelligence” below

Mental ability to produce clear thoughts. Even non-sentient creatures can interact with LI.BA.sie if they can produce thoughts that are readable (though, in most cases LI.BA.sie cannot translate the thoughts into context usable to observers). To be clear, LI.BA.sie does not read minds; it interprets patterns of waves projected by the mind of a living creature and uses that to determine the intentions of the user. That said, it can require some time for LI.BA.sie to operate fluidly if an individual has never used it before.

The logo for LI.BA.sie. A light symbol must be similar to this graphic to enable LI.BA.sie in an area.

A LI.BA.sie light symbol. By producing a shape that mimics the logo of LI.BA.sie, then shining a light through it onto any solid surface, this tells LI.BA.sie that it is allowed to operate in that area. Most often, this symbol is embedded within the walls and wiring of a building or location. It is unknown as to how large of a radius this takes effect. How this even works has baffled researchers for centuries and it is clear that the answer is far beyond the conventions of current science. This symbol-based activation can only be applied to a stationary entity, such as the interior of a ship, building, or geological location.

Must be accessible to all within a domain, with the bare minimum functions being communication and location tracking. No exceptions. Artificial intelligence constantly checks and remedies any situations in which people would try to bypass this among other things. There is a saying amongst programmers who have tried and failed to cheat past LI.BA.sie: “The system is smarter than you”. Restrictions cannot be extended to entities such as personal spacecraft interiors, even if they reside on restricted territory.

Ownership. If one enters a domain which they do not own themselves, the owner can control many aspects of LI.BA.sie usage such as what types of holograms can be used or which subsystems are enabled. However, control may only be altered in a way to affects all other individuals equally. The only exception to this rule is for instances where a chain of command is required, or an employer or company wishes to delegate varying levels of permissions. Government and other entities of jurisdiction are exempt from this rule.

LI.BA.sie cannot be used to directly harm others. This is not to be confused with interpreting “good” or “evil”, which is beyond the scope of Var. An example of “direct harm” is using a LI.BA.sie hologram to trick or startle someone into walking off a high platform, which is something Var would prevent. Note that E.B.O.C objects are exempt from this rule.

Energy usage limit. Large surges of power resulting from watt usage is prohibited. This restriction can extend to multiple people attempting to use their watt energy for a single device.

===== FUNCTIONS OF LI.BA.sie =====

ACTIVATION: Every living being in Delura is granted the option of using LI.BA.sie; it is not mandatory. Every user gets one account (which is synonymous to their “life”). All data in reference to a user is deleted when they die except for elements they wish to remain persistent.

At a glance, LI.BA.sie performs the following core functions:

Artificial Intelligence: LI.BA.sie contains within it an extremely advanced telepathic artificial intelligence named “Var” which can interpret and examine all LI.BA.sie enabled environments and their inhabitants for the purposes of error checking and interpreting the mental commands of lifeforms. It is designed to maintain strict neutrality and maintain order no matter how many attempts are made to bypass the rules and regulations of LI.BA.sie. To this day, zero system errors and security breaches have occurred despite centuries of operation. Var may be spoken to like a normal person, yielding advice based on existing open source libraries or company during long trips, though most choose to recognize it only as an interface; Var’s personality is described as being plain and uninteresting by most inhabitants of Delura. Var’s vocal and text output may be controlled based on the user’s preferences.

Allow communication to anyone in the Delura galaxy from any distance (within enabled locations).

Allow transfer of mental thought to issue commands towards objects within physical 3d space. This includes writing text on a hologram, painting, manipulating LI.BA.sie-enabled devices, etc.

Allow storage of various types of data associated with any user. For instance, if one wishes to keep a journal or take notes that may be recorded and read later, no physical materials are required to do this. This data is by default private and lies within the un-hackable aspects of LI.BA.sie.

Projection of 2d/3d imagery for any purpose; for entertainment, conveying ideas, alerting, traffic control, etc.

Provide a standardized, reliable, and un-hackable platform for all trade and commerce. Trading through LI.BA.sie has proven for centuries to be the most reliable and safe of all methods.

Provide power to any LI.BA.sie-enabled device through currency handling. This includes spacecraft.

Watts are the primary unit for monetary transactions. Given a sufficient account balance, watts may be summoned to form a coin, which is used for most trade operations. The coin itself is not an actual physical object and varies in size and shape depending on the amount of energy stored within. No bank facilities are needed to store watt income.

Currency handling. LI.BA.sie handles commerce through the “Watts” currency, which represents units of energy. This was chosen based on the assumption that all living creatures in the universe depend on energy to live and therefor is far less prone to losing monetary value. While Watts are the dominant unit of trade in Delura, others do exist. Issuing commands to LI.BA.sie itself that require energy to be expended will remove watts from the user’s account relative to the amount and intensity of the actions. Many people use 2d holograms because it requires several times more energy to produce them in 3d. Again, Var strictly prevents any malicious transactions or usage of energy which is not intentional or desired by the person summoning/manipulating it. This is not to be confused with things like “false advertising”, which is allowed from LI.BA.sie’s perspective.

Allow users to create their own software on a single, standardized platform. Software, most commonly used for automation of tasks, is created by individuals or groups using a text-based coding format. Unless deemed open source or sold to a 3rd party, LI.BA.sie software remains strictly under the command of those who created it. It should be advised that Var does not compensate for logic errors, and all non-LI.BA.sie based code can be hacked and manipulated given sufficient programming skill. Programming outside of LI.BA.sie’s parameters yields a very high level of control and flexibility, but it comes at the cost of data security. Programmers should be careful, as task automation can become quite costly for larger operations as watts are taken from the account of someone who runs a program. Errors should be thoroughly checked before a program is allowed to run.

===== E.B.O.C (Energy-Based Object Creator) =====

This Silgrarian uses E.B.O.C to create a usable chair

This subsystem of LI.BA.sie allows individuals to create temporary 3-dimensional objects which perform almost any function using only stored Watt energy as a component. This differs from creating a normal 3-dimensional hologram as these can perform real-world operations that affect the environment based on built-in or custom programming. For instance, one could create a chair to sit on, or a tool to cut out patterns in real objects. Var does not restrict in any way shape or form how E.B.O.C items may be used. E.B.O.C items do expend Watt energy while in use, and the amount used depends on the amount of forces or counter-forces are involved. One significant advantage of E.B.O.C furnishings and items is that their position and orientation can be re-configured, customized, and so fourth through simple mental commands.

TIMCO utilizes weaponry made with E.B.O.C.

Though countless “prefabs” exist for those who do not understand the concepts of geometric construction, the need for people who have mastery in the system have been in demand since its inception. Proper creation of E.B.O.C items require an understanding of polygon flow and extrusion methods for optimal results.

The usage of E.B.O.C is typically restricted to owners of any given location. Also, E.B.O.C items that are first created must originate from within 10 feet of the person creating the item. Afterwards, items can be positioned or used using only mental commands.