This battery-powered handheld device allows Swami to perform a large array of functions that would otherwise be restricted by LI.BA.sie.

Relictech pre-dates LI.BA.sie by several thousand standard years. This branch of technology consists of devices that are primarily constructed and operated using non energy-based materials (usually metals and plastics) which take advantage of the properties of known physics, hard-coded programming logic and known scientific conventions. “Relictech” is actually a recently-coined umbrella term and is typically used to reference technology of this type regardless of the sentient beings who created it.

Nova, the leader of a rogue Tanadrine organization by the name of Mantra is responsible for a majority of the advances made with Relictech devices in recent years; some of which are believed to branch into the realm of ethereal space manipulation (it is speculated that LI.BA.sie uses ethereal space to operate). Sadly, many of these advances are geared towards destruction and only the study of weapons procured from Mantra have allowed the advancement of Relictech for more peaceful applications.

Speck, like many Brakkians, depend on Relictech guises as it is often a more energy-efficient way to shield them from potential environmental hazards.

It is noteworthy to mention that Brakkians have also contributed time and research into Relictech advancement, as their guises often require the usage durable, long-lasting components to protect their fragile forms from the environment. While the advances that result are usually only applicable to Brakkians, some discoveries have been re-purposed for other sentient beings.

Although the majority of Delura’s inhabitants prefer and use LI.BA.sie technology, Relictech has these advantages which have kept it relevant to the galactic marketplace:

Items created are not temporary and do not require energy to exist. Devices can be operated by kinetics (IE: scissors), or through battery power. In certain situations, Relictech devices can be far more efficient than those of LI.BA.sie granted they are properly cared for.

No restrictions. Relictech devices may be used for any purpose and are free of any permission requirements or inhibited function by artificial intelligence. This is desirable to individuals who do not enjoy the idea of anything having control over how and where their items are used. However, it is noteworthy to mention that counter-devices can be constructed to make using a Relictech device more difficult (IE: signal scramblers for blocking telemetrics, or energy wave emitters to destabilize unshielded electronics).

Unlimited power usage. LI.BA.sie restricts the amount of watts that may be used at any given time. Sometimes this restriction can even apply to a group of people for a particular location. Asteriod mining is a prime example of an industry that is heavily dependent on Relictech devices as powerful short-range lasers are required to cut through solid rock and explosives are sometimes needed to clear otherwise impassible obstacles. High-performance vehicles are usually Relictech-based.

Unaffected by darkness. LI.BA.sie requires light to operate, therefor it requires energy; and usually multiple light symbols are required to minimize downtime. Without sufficient power or a reliable source of light, an entire space station can shut down and leave its inhabitants vulnerable to hazardous environmental conditions. Relictech does not share this limitation.

Dodger’s sidearm is a Relictech device designed for cyborgs; it siphons energy from its user upon discharge. Usage by an organic being is often fatal.

The idea behind Relictech in current-day terms lies in the absence of a “governed” system. In spite of this, there are increasingly abundant locations that are attempting to ban the usage of Relictech entirely due to its reputation inherited by what is considered a black market society. Many who participate in illegal activities rely heavily on Relictech to bypass a large majority of LI.BA.sie’s restrictions.