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Notable Features:

– Origin of Morphs

– Estimated Population: 400 million

– Temperature Range: 60F to 80F (climate-controlled)

– Largest habitable structure in known space


Not much is known about the planet of Tanadrine aside from what can be seen from space. No alternative methods of scanning or observation has ever succeeded in breaching an invisible, seemingly impenetrable barrier that encases this celestial body. Matter seems to be able to exit, but not enter through this barrier. Therefor, only its visual appearance of whites, greens and blues hints of a healthy and un-tampered global environment suitable for a wide array of lifeforms.

The Tanadrine grid is the Delura galaxy’s largest megastructure which was constructed near the time LI.BA.sie was created (~600 standard years ago). It is known for its highly advanced architecture which takes advantage of inertia to simulate gravity with virtually no energy usage. According to historical records, it is designed as a first-contact and defense mechanism to respond to various situations related to interaction with beings from external locations. Prior to the construction of the Grid, Tanadrine has no previous records of a space-faring presence. For the purposes of governmental affairs, the planet of Tanadrine and the Tanadrine Grid are considered two separate entities and do not (or cannot) trade or interact with each other. Despite this separation, the Grid government has sworn to protect Tanadrine given ancient artifacts and scrolls that state the megastructure’s core responsibilities.

The Grid is historically known for its high import-based economy combined with the invention and production of high-performance technologies such as L-M.A.C. A substantial tourism market has also contributed largely to the Grid’s past success.

Systems Failures: Qdate 4.00.59

Despite past lucrative energy procurement operations by a Tanadrine Grid government branch known as T.I.M.C.O (Tanadrine Interplanetary Mining Company), the total energy output of the entire grid has experienced a steady decline. As of 4.04.29, major systems failures have contributed to the deaths of millions and have rendered large sections of the megastructure uninhabitable. The Tanadrine Grid military has had to expend additional resources to prevent scavengers from attempting to dismantle what are called “corpse sectors”. Furthermore, Rayvazevexine’s broadcast on qdate 4.04.31 revealed a desperate plan to restore the Tanadrine Grid to a safe operating level at the expense of the Silgrarian race. Out of fear that The Grid may resort to exploitation in order to survive, large sections of trade from other sentient races has diminished, which eliminated any chance of a recovery through economy. The future of the Tanadrine Grid seems grim as of this writing.

It is noteworthy to mention that Mantra, a powerful galactic rogue organization originated from the Tanadrine Grid which grew out of the hatred for planet Tanadrine’s “indifference” to the hardships and massive deaths taking place just above its atmosphere. It is agreed that all morphs originated from Tanadrine, so it is the belief of Mantra that Tanadrine is obligated to intervene and should be punished for not doing so. Previously thought as just an extremist group, Mantra eventually became powerful enough to fight against the Tanadrine Grid military. Their hope was to procure enough energy and weapons advancement necessary to destroy the planetary barrier and make their wrath known, as well as siphon resources that would eliminate the widespread systems failures. Although Mantra was eventually driven off of the grid, they have since branched out to nearby locations and conquered them, hoping that one day they may seek vengeance upon the inhabitants of planet Tanadrine.

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