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Notable Features:

– Origin of Silgrarians

– Estimated Population: 200,000

– Temperature: -200F to -600F

– Violent, cold, and uninhabitable atmosphere

– Crushing gravity

– Dangerous plant and animal life

– Abundant energy resources


Tor’s planetary surface is described as incredibly cold with winds strong enough to tear even armored ships apart. Without shielding designed to withstand and deflect wind forces and radar capable of detecting large incoming objects (rocks, crystals, debris) that easily obliterate things upon impact, attempting to enter Tor’s atmosphere is dangerous at best. Even properly prepared vessels enter hangars with damage that requires often expensive repair work. Silgrarians have adapted well to these unforgiving conditions, but even their well being requires that establishments are made primarily underground, or within ravines or mountainsides that remove the threat of wind and debris somewhat.

Plantlife on Tor exists in the form of crystallized fauna which has evolved to resist and adapt to environmental conditions; it should be noted that some of these plants are dangerous in close proximity and are capable of disabling both Relictech and LI.BA.sie based equipment, and encounters often result in death given dependency on an artificially controlled environment. The pull of gravity on Tor is susbstantial and without the benefit of gravity control devices, habitation is impossible for most non-native living beings. Other natural lifeforms have been rumored to exist on Tor, all of which have been reported as “nigh-invulnerable” creatures of incredible strength and resilience.

Tanadrine Grid Relations:

TIMCO, a subdivision of the Tanadrine Grid Government has major establishments upon Tor’s surface and it constitutes the single largest mining operation in the Delura galaxy; its primary purpose being to deliver power to large sections of the Grid megastructure.

This was allowed to occur after a fateful attack was initiated by Mantra upon a Silgrarian compound that had been occupied by Tanadrine Grid military. Grid personnel had been attempting to convince the Silgrarians to allow mining operations to take place upon planet Tor and had been met with hesitation and/or dismissal. Realizing in time that they had a common enemy, it was at this point a contract agreement was made between the Grid and Silgrarian natives: supplementary planetary defense in exchange for unrestricted mining operations upon Tor. What puzzles many observers however, is not knowing why the Silgrarians refrain from developing attack/defense mechanisms of their own. Perhaps they fear their own creations, or they are concerned about stolen technology. Whatever the reason, the might of the Tanadrine Grid has managed to keep the planet safe from marauders, thugs, and malicious corporations for centuries.

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