The default welcome screen for LI.BA.s.i.e, only shown once during any lifeform’s existence.

LI.BA.s.i.e – Acronym for Light Based System of Information Export. The universal system for projecting visual imagery in three dimensional space through means of electronic telepathic scanning. LI.BA.s.i.e cannot possibly read the complex mind of an individual, but it can recognize patterns and make decisions based on those patterns to perform functions quickly, though the option for having a user-interface present is most popular and is the easiest way of interacting with this technology. Projections created by LI.BA.s.i.e can perform a multitude of tasks up to and including simulating solid surfaces or supplementing devices by creating an energy-based equivalent. See the LI.BA.sie article for additional details.

Paper. It’s amazing!

– A material used to inscribe writing upon. This typically only used as a government or corporate level document and is seldom ever seen by a common individual.







An Ixarian manipulates two parchment panels

Parchment – A popular term is typically used to describe a 2d LIBASIE image projection. A parchment is a form of projection (see definition below).

Project – The act of thinking with intention to summon, activate or manipulate a parchment or any other mentally controlled device. Example: “to turn on this device, project 5” would mean that thinking of the number “5” and mentally associating it with the device would turn on the device.

Projection – A LI.BA.s.i.e or holographic entity.


QDate/QTime – The universal method of keeping track of date and time. The format for these as follows:

QTime was developed because different planetary systems have varying periods of activity, and those who dwell in space had no reliable means of keeping time. The “Q” stands for quantum, and the value compensates for space-time distortion, as it is known that time does not flow evenly across the universe. With collaboration of professors with government support, it was determined that an all-encompassing time format was needed to correspond reliably and efficiently, and QTime is the product of those efforts. QTime is currently kept accurate to one billionth of a second through LIBASIE.

QTime is typically used most when referring to intergalactic travel, business terms, or any situation which would require that everyone adhere to the same time standard. In typical society, many informally use a 24-hour time format reserving QTime as a formal, official way of tracking time.

Swami uses a battery-powered handheld Relictech device which can provide functionality that would otherwise be restricted under the LI.BA.sie system.

Relictech– A major branch of technology that is centric on physical hardware; IE: “old-age” electronic equipment. Holograms generated from this technology must resonate from a handheld device or projector of some sort. Some favor this type of tech for its non-integrated nature; networks consisting of Relictech components can be hand-crafted from the ground up. See the Relictech article for further reading.



Serv-U-Tron– An industrial regenerative food service device developed by Serv-U-Tec. Being the only current vending machine that can cater to all sentient races, many corporations and establishments utilize these for personnel nourishment needs. All food generated from the device is made from a single (confidential) compound paired with various artificial flavorings.

*The definition of “fresh” is subject to opinion and the creature using the machine.


This Silgrarian can vocally speak to other individuals through the use of thought articulators.









Thought Articulator – A device that reads specific projected thought patterns to translate them into language. These can either be in the form of a projection or an actual physical device. These can also be called voice emitters or language augmentations. Though they are good for general use, translation accuracy can vary depending on the amount of compatibility between the two languages being used as well as the individual’s mental structure. These devices are especially beneficial to sentient races that do not possess usable vocal organs such as Lugarians, Brakkians and Silgrarians, in which communication via telepathy is often not an option in diversely populated environments.